All About Anthony Scaramucci: Everything You Should Know

All About Anthony Scaramucci: Everything You Should Know

Most people know Anthony Scaramucci for his short-lived stint in the White House — a mere 10 days working as the White House communications director during Donald Trump’s turn in office. 

But who is Anthony Scaramucci? Let’s take a closer look at his life and his work.

Who is Anthony Scaramucci?

Anthony Scaramucci may be best known for his time in the White House and his quick exit. But this was just one element of a lifetime of work in finance.

Scaramucci was born in Long Island, New York in 1964. He went to law school, but after graduation looked to join the financial field instead.

He began his career in finance at Goldman Sachs in 1989, where he worked in investment banking, equities, and private wealth management. He left the company in 1996 and launched his own, founding Oscar Capital Management, and later, investment firm SkyBridge Capital.

Anthony Scaramucci’s Time in the Whitehouse

Republican Anthony Scaramucci was appointed White House Communications Director on July 21, 2017. His appointment drew some negative feedback right from the start. Two other staffers, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and spokesman Sean Spicer quit immediately after he was hired.

A week after his appointment, in a phone call with a reporter from The New Yorker, Scaramucci launched a tyraid against Reince Priebus, even going so far as to call him a “paranoid schizophrenic.” During the call, he also attacked another staffer by the name of Steve Bannon.

Anthony Scaramucci’s Twitter feed didn’t do him any favors either; while he tweeted a short of apology, it missed the mark for many, and he failed to take responsibility for his words.

That same week, Anthony Scaramucci’s wife filed for divorce, citing his political ambition as a reason. 

Anthony Scaramucci’s children weren’t spared from the effects of his ambition either; he missed his son’s birth on July 24 while flying with President Trump on Air Force One.

By the end of July, Scaramucci was fired from his White House position.

Making a Comeback

Despite his short lived stint and widely publicized firing from the White House, Anthony Scaramucci held on to his sense of humor. He had this to day of his 10 days in office; “When you take a job like that, your expiration date is coming. I didn’t think I’d last too long, but I thought I’d lost longer than a carton of milk.”

Today, he balances his work at the two companies that he founded, runs the SALT Conference, a global thought leadership forum, his own growing portfolios, and even his work as an author, writing business books.

A Future President?

Scaramucci is considered to be a likely future presidential candidate. Scaramucci doesn’t deny the possibility, but says that it’s not something immediately on his radar at this time. Instead, he’s focused on his family, with the hope of pursuing a political position in the next decade.

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