Airsoft Guns for Sale: How Much Do They Cost?


Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to answer the question of “how much do airsoft guns cost?” because there is too much variability and too many moving pieces.

Still, we may be able to make some estimates associated with airsoft guns for sale. Let’s peel back the layers.

Why It’s So Hard to Estimate; Nonetheless
First off, the reason it’s so hard to give a concrete answer to that question is that airsoft guns are like any other consumer good, and there are so many different types. Asking how much airsoft guns for sale cost is like asking how much a computer costs.

What computer? A 2021 Apple MacBook Pro or an IBM PC from 1999?
You get the point. So, instead of giving a blanket range of how much airsoft guns cost (because you could spend anywhere from like 12 dollars to well over $500) let’s look at what that money can buy you.

Below $100: Generally Not the Best Quality
You can buy some cheap spring-powered airsoft guns for well under a hundred dollars. In fact, you could hardly break a 20 on some of these cheap guns. They’ll shoot, but their internals are generally trash and their muzzle velocities may even be inconsistent.

Maybe you want a cheap spring airsoft gun just to learn how to use one (generally speaking) but these are not the kinds of airsoft guns you want to bring into a competition. They’re underpowered, generally very low quality, and may even lack features like adjustable hop-up systems.

Around $150: Entry Level AEGs and Quality GBB Pistols
Around $150 dollars is where you start to see an uptick in quality, especially in gas blowback airsoft pistols (like Glock replicas) that are powered either by green gas or CO2. Many of these types of airsoft guns in this price range are perfectly serviceable as a sidearm in a match.

Around the $150 price point is also where you start to see decent quality beginner electric guns, that have higher quality internals and better features. Some of them may be basic but can be upgraded with additional aftermarket parts to enhance their performance.

There are some really high-qualtiy beginner AEGs around the $190-$200 dollar price point as well, such as the G&G CM16 Raider AEG. These are highly customizable, have full-metal, fully-upgradeable gearboxes, and deliver a lot of bang for your buck.

$200-$300: Quality AEGs, Relatively Affordable Price
Once you break the 200 dollar mark, you start to get into some of the AEGs that deliver the best value for your money. Many AEG airsoft rifles in this price range are upgradeable, customizable, and made from high-quality components. Airsoft rifles in this range generally offer some of the highest value of all.

$300 and Up: High-End Rifles, Custom Airsoft Guns
When you cross $300, and you can, you start getting into the highest-end airsoft rifles and custom guns out there. Depending on what you buy, you can find AEGs from Lancer Tactical, KWA, Umarex, Elite Force, JAG Arms, and others that are well over $300.

These airsoft guns typically feature the highest quality components (many are even made from wood and steel) and the most durable, upgradeable internals. Many of them can also be customized with a wide range of upgradeable parts to suit your specific needs. While you don’t need to break $500 to get into airsoft, you certainly can.

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