Understanding AI And Digital Marketing And Its Effective Tools For Businesses


AI is the one definite tool that is transforming the future of digital marketing and is developing day by day. AI digital marketing trends are more essential and bring newer opportunities for businesses to establish. Therefore, it can be proved by looking at some winning stats, according to stats, 70% of the high-performing marketers have a fully defined AI strategy. The stats are also showing a promising pace of AI in digital marketing. 

Looking forward and moving to 2022, companies are expected to have 35 AI projects in their place. Using AI in the business process is an impressive step as businesses are drowned in a huge amount of data. AI serves the purpose of life-saving supplies.

The Co Relation Between AI And Digital Marketing 

At first, when Artificial Intelligence was new to the market, businesses and organizations were skeptical, but now the tables have been turned and businesses are first in line to incorporate AI in their digital marketing. Some of the popular brands like eWorldTrade and Coco-Cola are among the businesses using AI successfully.

For example, if you a business of Wikipedia page creation, the Ai shows results on how to create a Wikipedia page according to their searches, and history.AI is changing and shaping the future of digital marketing. In the business world, AI is ascending up the game of digital marketing by automation and reducing human efforts. Therefore, the way AI is transforming and impacting 2022 is impressive to look at. 

Targeted marketing is one of the soundest techniques used in digital marketing it targets customers by their preferences and drives customer segmentation. In addition, it also helps businesses to predict whether they are curious about their product or not

Over the few years, traditional marketing has converted and has seen a rise in the advanced marketing strategy, in which virtual customer care is at the top. Now, moving ahead needs to approach more customer-centric models. 

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In A Digital Marketing Business

Here are some of the transforming changes in the AI digital world. They carry a futuristic value and work spectacularly to benefit businesses.  

Automated Customer Communication

The highlighted benefit of AI digital marketing is automated communication. The AI software can make conversation with the customer while businesses can invest their time in other businesses’ operations.

Helps In Data Mining 

One of the best qualities of AI and using cloud-based AI is to quickly discover relevant information during data processing. 

Usage Of IoT

AI is taking the advantage of IoT in digital marketing with connected devices. Now, you can talk to anyone from anywhere with a phone, without worrying about signing up for email.

Responds To Voice 

Today all a customer has to say is hello and it is easy to connect with people online.  The voice recognition features help in creating exclusive results.

 Top 5 Effective AI Tools To Power Up Digital Marketing Business 

AI plays a quality role in the development of a business. It has to be an integral part of the development of a business and generating top results. Ai has some significant tools that can be of great help in automating and enhancing the business experience. 


Start with Cortex, It’s a tool for optimizing social media content. So, it analyzes and treats you with the best results without the hassle of A/B testing. Cortex helps in organizing the content a keeps it exclusive. The tools analyze the content on 5 basics 

  • Brand
  • Competitors 
  • Industry 
  • Influencers 
  • Media 

Cortex is being used by some of the world’s renowned brands such as Loreal and Marriott. In Cortex you can take an insight to which visual content is creating an impact and how it can be made better and what are the factors that are keeping it going. You can also plan your content by its campaign planning feature. Keep a track of everything that matters to your brand and create customized tags for identification. 


The framework is an AI-powered content writing tool. The tools help write SEO-friendly content that can have high-rate conversions. Here the Framework takes care of the minor details in writing a well-written blog. They search for the keywords, look out for the outlines and artistically develop a blog.

You can search for the most trending keywords and phrases. Framework does not only write blogs or search for keywords that optimize the content and spread it to make readers aware of your brand.


Drift is a chatbot tool that tailors your customer conversion with immaculate custom chatbots. Businesses can look for the best conversation solutions and change the way a business is running. Therefore, the conversations are curated exclusively to give more pipeline, happy customers, and revenue. 

Drift specializes in starting conversations and personalizing them according to buyers. They build a conversation and take it from there to the growth of the business. Now, you can engage with your targeted customers and save them by engaging and catering to them with personalized content. The sales rep cannot sit and wait for customers. The drift’s target engagement account tools help in notifying about your specific customers and the representative can engage the customers from there. 


Crayon is a competitive tracking and analysis tool. So, you can use this tool to create opportunities for business and compete in the tech-oriented world. Keep track of your competitors’ data and learn about their movements. The machine learning tools help in making advanced jobs easier and eliminate excessive noise. 

With the integration of Crayon, you can set customized alerts and find the winning rhythm. It allows its users to make shareable alerts, digests, and reports and be alert about the topmost developments.


It is an AI-enhanced conversational assistant which engages and attracts the leads. You can build a great rapport with the people who truly talk to you. Thus, today the customers demand response in seconds, and with Conversica the AI assistants reply to prospects within seconds.  They reply with a persistent style and make a personalized conversation with the customers.


The future of AI holds a significant place in digital marketing. Thus, these tools are a substantial way to use and boost AI marketing.