Aftermarket Classics: How Vossen Wheels Won Over the United States

Aftermarket Classics: How Vossen Wheels Won Over the United States

When Vossen Wheels hit the American markets in 2006, few would have imagined just how popular they would one day become. Many of the most advanced and respected companies active in the aftermarket rims segment also hit the shelves in and around that time.

Fuel Wheels came along in 2008 while Blaque Diamond (or BD) was formed in 2009. Savini, one of the biggest players in customized rims, started operations in 2003.

Make no mistake: all of these brands are eminently respectable and have huge fan followings in aftermarket circles in the USA and other major markets in several countries.

Still, Vossen Wheels has retained a sense of aura and glamor that is yet to be attained by most competitors. It is regarded as a premium brand catering to a very select clientele.

How did Vossen differentiate itself? Which are their most popular models right now?

Let’s have a look.

The Vossen Wheels Story

Here are a few standout points that have come together to make Vossen a true Goliath.

  1. Inspired engineering: While this might be considered a given for any company this big, Vossen has made enormous strides that are still unrivalled. Ever since the brand’s inception, design and engineering were taken most seriously till they became an almost-entwined department which could lend an edgy but timeless look to any model they launched.

Vossen took inspiration from the European markets too. The sensibilities are pretty different as you know. Those design cues were then fused with the latest American styles hitting the shelves, often with a dash of the muscle car feel of the 1960s.

Put simply, Vossen Wheels changed the design philosophy as we now know it in just a few short years.

  1. Fully made in the United States: We won’t take any names here but several big-ticket brands have outsourced a part of their production to China and Taiwan. These brands do make their cast models right here in America; most often, the forged rims are made abroad.

Please note, however, that these forged rims are in no way ‘lesser’ than the ones made here in the US. All models have to pass several quality control and analysis rounds before they are stamped fit for sale.

Vossen Wheels is one of the few major manufacturers which has dedicated factories in Miami where all of their models are made. This initiative also generates jobs.

  1. Handcrafted and bespoke beauties: Some of the top-tier models are handmade and frequently made-to-order. You could say the same thing about the likes of Savini or Lexani Wheels too, but even these mighty brands do not claim that they sell handmade rims.

This is luxury on a scale that’s hard to surpass!

Also, remember that all original Vossen rims are TUV SUD-certified, a sure sign of superlative quality. Getting this honor for handmade rims is no mean feat.

  1. Taking forging to a whole new level: Vossen specializes in forged 1, 2, and 3-piece wheels. It was one of the early adopters of flow-formed rims and has since developed several different families of forged wonders that are lightweight, dynamic, and durable.

Vossen recently unveiled its ‘hybrid forging’ technology and the newest rims will soon be released to a wider audience.

3 top Vossen Wheels you can try out in 2023

If you are new to the Vossen universe, perhaps any of these 3 models will help you settle in and get going!

  1. 22-inch Vossen HF-4T: This is one of the flagship models of the HF (Hybrid Forged) range and has gained quite a reputation among those who are fond of off-roading and own deluxe passenger vehicles and pickups. The HF-4T is also available in 20-inches but the bigger variant has a lot more admirers.

This is a true directional rim and looks otherworldly in the custom gloss black finish.

This is also one of the most customizable rims from Vossen. It has 5 custom finishes (based on the 5-lug template) and you can ask the company to design and alter each aspect of the ‘blank’ rim till it satisfies you.

The HF-4T is a pretty expensive model and is usually seen on the latest Mercedes coupes and sedans, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, besides speed demons like the Porsche and the Ferrari 488 GTB.

  1. Vossen CV10: The CV10 has been a longstanding superstar from the house of Vossen Wheels. The CV10 retains an iconic 10-spoke design and sells in several different sizes and finishes. For example, the 20-inch CV10 in chrome is almost as popular as the staggered 22-inch version in anthracite.

The reason why the CV10 has performed (and still does) so well is its design and durability. It’s precisely machined with very high-quality milling along the spokes. This 1-piece beauty is slightly heavy (between 40-45 pounds) than most rivals but it is so beautifully engineered that you won’t experience that weight difference.

Perfect for a modified Honda Accord Sport to an Alfa Romeo 2-door coupe and everything in between! They are also recommended for full-sized SUVs and pickups.

  1. 20-inch Vossen HF-5: Up next is another Hybrid Forged rim that’s available in 6 different sizes. But the 20-inch variant outsells all the others. We were lucky to spot a set of these rims in glossy black on a Nissan GTR; the result was breathtaking!

This should suit your off-roading needs perfectly since the concavity is pronounced and the company guarantees unparalleled performance on the harshest terrain. If you already own a modded vehicle with custom TPMS, try out the 22-inch model.

In parting

There are plenty of fake rims masquerading as Vossen Wheels. Be very careful when buying a set. Get them only from reputable outlets like AudioCity USA in Santa Fe Springs, CA, which is where we often buy our own rigs.

Else, buy straight from the company’s official website.