Affordable Provider for WhatsApp business API pricing for Your Business


The best way to scale your business is to establish brand recognition where your customers are already present. The WhatsApp Business API pricing is a way to effectively determine your marketing costs and decide the budget to gain the maximum out of customer engagement with little investment. But, here is the catch- understanding WhatsApp business API pricing for your business may be tricky without proper guidance.

There are 100s of online sources which claim to simplify your decision. This blog discusses the most straightforward way to help you understand the different aspects of using WhatsApp API for business. Also, we point out the functionality restrictions for WhatsApp business API pricing so that you know it before you experience it! 

So, keeping the first things first, let’s answer why to choose WhatsApp business API! 

Basic Need of WhatsApp Communication

Do you know, like your business, more than 50 million companies now chose WhatsApp to enhance customer communication? So naturally, the amount you put in, whether in terms of money or effort, has to give you the desired results for a positive business outcome. Thus, here, we channelize your quick reading ability to a point-wise, analyzed view of the WhatsApp business API pricing so that you upscale your business while engaging the customers.

The next question in your mind would pop as: 

Is WhatsApp API worthy enough for your business?

Here is a direct answer: WhatsApp API + AI chatbot = 80% automation of general queries! 

So, the equation is explicit. Whether you are a start-up, MSME, or an established company, you need to prioritize your customers. Customer feedback is your currency to stay updated on ROI and Google Search Results. 

With WhatsApp API, you can reach your target audience in no time. Plus, all conversations are in real-time, making it one of the best tools at hand for companies to go and reach their customers directly. You can expect the following benefits to consider the use of WhatsApp Business API for your brand:

  • Gaining complete flexibility to adjust major business workflows
  • Access to protected and secured GDPR-complaint setup
  • Easy to scale and convenient scalability control

So, with such benefits, it is clear that WhatsApp is the next future of customer conversation platforms. Plus, each penny invested in WhatsApp gets you almost double that in terms of customer retention and conversion rates. 

WhatsApp Business API pricing: All you need to know to build a successful business

Indeed, if you think about the model, it is a paid API model. That means, with a third-party provider, you can gain access to WhatsApp business API with more tools at hand. Plus, the benefit is a good service provider would encourage you to use the tech-enabled tools, such as live chat options, customer support chatbots, etc. 

So, here are some of the top considerations you should make while choosing the right WhatsApp API solution provider.

Parameters to look for in WhatsApp business API pricing

  • Check- what are the monthly costs (incurred to you)

Installing a WhatsApp Business API is easy! But, at the same, you should be looking to work with WhatsApp business API long-term. It is right when it’s said that all big things take time to grow, which is the same for your business. You choose the advanced features which come with WhatsApp business API. So, this qualifies for being one of the major parameters while choosing a WhatsApp API solution provider.

You can find the best providers who don’t charge any additional fees. Thus, you just have to pay the charge per agent, and you are good to deal! 

  • Know- what will be the setup cost

There is a relief as your monthly charges have well been parted with your business strategies. Now, the question comes about the setup cost. Most WhatsApp solution providers will charge something called “one-time” setup cost, but again there is a catch!

Please don’t go with them, as other providers do not charge a single penny for setting it up all for you. Plus, you get access to valuable tools to make your experience worth everything. 

  • Understand- the pricing behind cost per message

Note: If a customer messages you, the cost incurred to you is 0

Now, what decides the message cost to you is the time you take to respond to your customer’s messages/ If you can respond to the message within 24 hours of the message sent to your business, it will be entirely FREE for you. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional amount to reply to the customers’ messages.

Indeed, there is a complete understanding of how this pricing works. Here are the two use cases to effectively understand the cost per message incurred to your business.

Understanding cost per message from business to customer

  • 24-hour service window

Indeed, you can call it the magic window. It makes everything accessible for you! You get 24 hours to respond to the messages you get from the customers. Note that if you send a message to the customer first, there will be charges, irrespective of the time frame. Indeed, in this 24-hour window, you can reply to the customers’ messages in text or predefined message templates. 

  • Outside the 24-hour window

It is not that if you cross the 24-hour window, you won’t reach back to the customer. On the contrary, you will be able to, but with an additional charge. The only difference is that you have to choose the message template. And, the templates are directly verified by WhatsApp to maintain credibility v-User WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender.


The above scenarios dealing with the real-time applications of WhatsApp business API pricing are essential for you to run your business online. The best part is that you already know about some of the WhatsApp functionalities, but now with this information, you can choose the right WhatsApp service provider for your brand.

So, let the wait be over to win your customers. Message them today and build lasting relationships to grow your business. 

A Cost-effective Alternative to WhatsApp’s API

Instead of using WhatsApp API and chatbots, you can use other tools such as v-User Bulk Sender Bot. This bot may fulfill your needs and with its very reasonable price, you will no longer need to pay for the WhatsApp API. With this tool, you can reply to people who message you. You can also use it for mass advertising on WhatsApp. The price of this bot with the discounts available on its website is about 29-59$ and with one purchase, you can use it permanently and there is no need to charge or buy another subscription. Also, if you have other needs that are not included in the features of this bot, our team can add or design it for you at a reasonable price. For more information and to know all the features of this tool, you can search its name (v-User WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender) on Google and read more about it.