What Are The Major Advantages Of Working With A Surrogate Agency?


Before going through the surrogacy process, both the surrogate mother and the intended parents prepare themselves for the surrogate journey. During this period, the clients must look for a surrogate agency that they’re comfortable partnering with. Choosing a proper and dependable agency is vital in having a good surrogacy journey as they work towards meeting the client’s surrogacy goals.

There are different types of surrogacy agencies that intended parents can partner with for the whole process. There are experts involved in the process who can ease the intended parent’s burden while going through the journey. The agency plays an important role within the process as they closely work with the experts and the intended parents.

The intended parents have the choice to opt for an independent process and avoid hiring a surrogate agency. Even so, if they prefer to do an independent surrogacy, it would require them to personally handle all the tasks needed to be done which may be very hectic and stressful. A surrogate agency can handle the burden while updating the intended parents regarding the present status of the procedure.

Major Benefits Of Working With A Surrogate Agency

The journey to parenthood with surrogacy and IVF can be emotional, overwhelming, and legally complicated. Because of this, surrogacy agencies are here to facilitate your journey and give both parties the most rewarding experiences possible. 

Let’s explore why most surrogates and intended parents turn to surrogacy agencies. 

1. Surrogate Agencies Have Legal, Medical, and Financial Screenings

In addition to the gestational carrier’s screening for eligibility, the intended parents will also undergo screening and vetting to determine their suitability. Doing this will guarantee that the intended parent(s) and gestational surrogate are a good fit for each other and are ready to undergo the surrogacy journey together. 

Experienced agencies perform screening on many levels. These screenings include: 

  • Regulatory evaluations
  • Background checks
  • Legal evaluations
  • Psychological evaluations

Not to mention, the recommended requirements and legal best practices are constantly evolving, and agencies stay on top of these developments. 

2. Financial Management

Surrogacy agencies can help intended parents manage their finances throughout the surrogacy process. They provide a clear view of upfront costs so intended parents can plan accordingly and avoid any unexpected expenses. 

3. A Surrogate Agency Will Guide You

At many surrogacy agencies, they will assign you a surrogacy specialist at the beginning of your journey. This specialist will help you navigate the matching process, so all your preferences and needs are met by your surrogate or your matched intended parents. These professionals also protect your interests and rights throughout the surrogacy journey. 

They will ask you many questions, whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate, about what you want during your surrogacy journey. These questions will include things that you may or may not have considered before and ensure that you are matched with the right fit the first time. 

4. There Will Be No Financial Burden To The Surrogates

As a gestational surrogate, you will be protected by the agency from having to incur any costs throughout the process. It will become the intended parent’s responsibility to take care of all service costs regarding support, counseling, contact mediation, maternity clothes, etc. This way you can put all your attention on having a healthy, happy pregnancy. 

There are many surrogate experts, clinics, and independent help which will help the intended parents. However, working with an agency is highly recommended for parents who are unsure about the entire process. After all, aside from the legality, medical, and other factors, surrogacy is a process where life is being created. Surrogacy is a complex journey that involves, legal, emotional, financial, and medical factors. Without an entire team to guide the intended parents, surrogacy becomes a tedious and stressful journey.

Working with an agency is not only advisable for the intended parents but the surrogate mother as well. If a surrogate chooses to find her clients, she isn’t protected and could be susceptible to scam. To avoid unnecessary stress, an expert can handle everything else for both the surrogate and intended parents.