Advantages of Branded Promotional Products in Marketing Your Business

branded promotional products

Branding is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. Good branding strategies help form a great impression in the minds of current, as well as prospective customers. It gives your customers something to remember. Next time they are looking for a product or service in your category, they will have a familiar logo or business name to look out for.

Branding puts you in the spotlight, and it is one of the most effective ways of communicating who you are and what your organisation is all about. It can take some time to take your brand from a simple logo to one that customers recognise and identify with. Offering branded promotional products to the customers is a proven way of speeding up this process.

What are branded promotional products?
Branded products are any promotional products in Perth that have your company name or logo featured — anything from a water bottle to a cheeseboard. These products are used for promotional purposes and offered free to your customers. When these products are used the right way, this marketing strategy is found to be incredibly effective at improving brand identity and sales.

Benefits of branded promotional products
Branded promotional products are important, especially for comparatively new brands looking to increase their reach, grow the customer base, and create their identity. Here’s a look at five top benefits of branded promotional products:

Brand awareness and association
When you give branded promotional products to someone, they are only truly worthwhile if they add some value to the lives of the customer. If you plan to give away just your business card, it won’t necessarily capture the attention of your customers. Instead, offering products that customers can use, such as umbrellas, t-shirts, pens, caps, planner, mugs, and more, they are more likely to take note of your brand. They will be more excited to receive these products and look forward to using them.

When customers see your brand name or logo on the products, they’ll form positive brand association — one of the most important goals of any marketing strategy.

Increased brand loyalty
Customers tend to be more willing to buy a product from a brand that they received a gift from over their competitors. If your business is not already taking advantage of this fact, you should consider it. Giving away free branded products to the customer makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Shines a light on the type of business you run
Using branded merchandise to create brand awareness and promote your organisation is important as a form of tangible advertising. As an advertising strategy, it appeals to the customers as they can see, experience, and touch the item.

Your choice in promotional products also speaks to the kind of business you own. When you invest in premium, high-quality products, you’re reflected as a company that is committed to quality as well as customer satisfaction.

Facilitates short attention spans
As we have become more digitally oriented, attention spans have rapidly decreased. Conventional forms of advertising, like flyers, business cards, or television advertisements, don’t necessarily capture the attention of the public in the way they once did. It makes sense to invest money in promotional products. As a tangible product, they don’t need to compete with other advertisements to get a hold of your time and attention.

Offers a simple marketing model
Unlike television or other media ad campaigns, which usually require a detailed plan to roll out, offering branded promotional products is comparatively simple. You can easily incorporate the model into your business operations, particularly if you partner with a professional and experienced manufacturer.

If you own a store, an item as simple as a reusable printed shopping bag can be helpful for branding purposes.

Making promotional products work for your business
One of the most important things to consider when investing in promotional products in Perth is the manufacturer or supplier you plan to work with. There are plenty out there but the chances of a marketing strategy built around promotional products succeeding is considerably heightened when you choose to work with the right company.

Ensure your chosen manufacturer offers high quality products that are durable and add genuine value to the lives of your customers.

Choose the right promotional product and a quality supplier, and you are good to go!