Actionable Social Media Tips for Your Web Design and Development Business

Social Media Tips for Your Web Design

There are no qualms about the fact that social media is an excellent tool for brand-building, reaching out to new market segments, and customer engagement. But its scope and prospects have far outdone and surpassed these basic functionalities today. Social media giants are in a constant endeavour to make their platforms more enticing, addictive, and appealing.

From social media’s quirky, innovative, and alluring concepts that have made inroads over the last couple of years, there is a lot of inspiration to be derived for web designing and development. As a web designer, digital marketer, or business owner, you can successfully harness and implement the innovation of social media to reinvigorate your website.

Let us explore 6 actionable social media tips for your web design and development business.

  1. Being Candid

Be it in your images, videos, or the written content you post on your website, appearing and sounding genuine is pivotal. If you approached any website development company a decade earlier, they would emphasize a formal layout with high-quality stock pictures and prim content.

Thanks to social media today, spontaneity and candidness are grabbing eyeballs like never before.

Apart from candid team pictures and content, you can add authenticity to your web design with user-generated content. Local SEO Services will also recommend that you add genuine user reviews next to the embedded Google Maps location on your website for the best results.

  1. Uniformity of Branding

Be it across all your web pages, social media posts, your Google My Business Profile, or your local directory listings, maintaining complete uniformity in branding is of prime importance. This includes the following basics:-

  • Name of your company/establishment- ensure the exact spelling consistency everywhere
  • Address and Contact details should be identical on all the aforementioned pages
  • Your company logo (and other branding graphics) should be of the same size, colour, and pattern everywhere
  • Uniformity of Google Maps Location across all your profiles
  1. Captivating Visuals

Web designing was largely restricted to functionality and user-friendliness, with elaborate aesthetics taking a backseat. But owing to the dreariness introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic, web users today are keen on getting some optimism and cheer from their web browsing experience. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are hubs of captivating visuals. As a web designer, you can derive a fresh aesthetic sense by tapping into the trending images of these platforms.

  1. Derive Relevant Social Media User Feedback to Tailor your Web Design Strategy

Social media is an excellent place to study your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) up close. What are their likes, dislikes, purchase preferences, shopping behaviour, budget limitations, general opinions, and so on? A good website development company will always use this to its advantage. With well-planned social media surveys, forms, and other interactive forums, you can easily gain access to valuable customer information and align your web designing project to cater to their tastes in the best possible manner. Local SEO services will further propound the strategic use of user-generated content such as photographs and testimonials for local businesses to revamp their websites.

  1. Master the Art of Storytelling

As digital marketers and web designers, we are vying for the attention of time-starved consumers today. Nobody has the time to read an entire brochure or stare intently at pages after pages of product catalogues. Your digital marketing communication needs to be crisp and engaging. With Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat, social media has certainly mastered the art of persuasive visual storytelling. Modern businesses today are taking a leaf out of this concept by making their websites unconventional and fun. Be it with dynamic scrolling, single-page storytelling with lively snippets and engaging graphics, or positioning the right morsels of information at the right place, web designing is evolving towards seamless storytelling.

  1. Use of Emojis and Graphics

Like it or not, our communication has undergone a massive upheaval, thanks to the multiple social media emojis and graphics. In many ways, these have replaced words and revamped normal phrases. For web designers, the tactical use of emojis and lively graphics can enhance the visual quality of the website, making it appear more contemporary, fun, and inviting. Of course, a lot of discretion needs to be applied with regards to the type of business, the major offerings (products/services), and the theme of the website. Enticing users with the right graphics at the right places on your website can be immensely rewarding.


The tactical use of popular social media concepts can spruce up your web design/development and boost your website ROI. Irrespective of the type of business, the above actionable social media tips can be really helpful for facilitating successful web design and development. For web designers, developers, online marketers, and entrepreneurs, keeping a close tab on the latest social media trends and viral content is therefore, highly recommended.