Action Refund Review – Not as Great as You Might Think


Have you become a victim of an online scam? Has someone you love ended up giving their money to an online fraud? These instances are quite common these days with millions of people getting scammed every month. I would suggest you take proper precautions to keep safe from these scammers. However, if you or someone you love has already become a victim to one, you need to consider an online service that can help you get your money back. I have to tell you that the Action Refund review you are going to read today is going to be different from how I review companies.

Usually, I tell you about a good company or service in the hopes that you would consider it and sign up with it. However, what’s different about today’s review is that I will tell you about a company that I want you to stay away from. I don’t it has the features that will convince you in any way that you should put your trust in it. Let me explain why I am of that view.

Lacking Customer Support

A company that is supposed to get your money back should be great in its customer support. However, I have noticed something completely opposite with this company. The customer support department is not what you think it will be. Firstly, the company mentions on the website that it is located all around the world. That’s a great thing, but why won’t you have your website in all those languages? That’s quite a basic requirement if you ask me. I have seen online trading companies, money recovery services, refund claiming, etc. websites that translate their websites in the languages of their customers.

So, Action Refund has its customers using its services from all over the world. However, the website can only be translated in three languages, with English being one of them. In other words, other than English, the website is only in 2 languages. Furthermore, there is no mention of when the customer support department is available to help you. I also believe that online refund claiming websites should have live chat service, but there is none on this website.

The Inferior Calculator Feature

If you land on the website, you will see a calculator icon to the bottom right of the page. On the surface, this feature looks great. So, you can just see how much money you can get back from a scammer just like that. That’s great right? No, that’s not great at all. I believe that a company that has been created to help people get their money back from scammers should not even have this feature. Does it mean they will only help you when the amount is huge? Does it mean they want you to pursue the case only when the recovery amount is big enough to be attractive?

I personally believe that even if you have lost a single dollar at the hands of a scammer, you should get it back. In this case, I had expected better from Action Refund. Not to mention, the whole calculating features is quite unreliable and cumbersome.

No Duration for Cases

The company tells you generically how you will file your case with it. You will call them, tell them about your incident, provide them with all the necessary details, and then wait for them to take action and help you get the money back. Do you see what is missing from there? Well, when will you get your money back really? Is there a timeline? I think a company can never convince me to use its money recovery services unless it tells me how quickly it is usually able to get to results.

Final Thoughts

Before you sign up with a company that promises to reclaim the money you have lost as a result of a scam, you have to look into the features that I just told you about. In my opinion, the company falls short and leaves room for you to find a better option.