About Roof Waterproofing

Roof Waterproofing

A roof must be waterproofed to prevent leaks and water damage to the roof deck. Waterproofing a roof protects the building’s interior and its occupants from weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind.

A roof can be made waterproof in a number of ways:

  1. Membrane systems: Waterproof membrane systems are installed on the roof deck as a single layer or in multiple layers and are typically made of rubber, PVC, or TPO.
  2. Coatings: Roofs can be protected from water damage by using coatings, which are liquid products that are sprayed onto the roof. To that end, some coatings can also block the sun’s rays and add insulation.
  3. Sheet waterproofing: The roof deck is covered with sheets of asphalt, tar paper, or felt to prevent water from penetrating the roof.
  4. Green roof systems: Typically, a green roof system will include a watertight membrane, a growing medium, and plants that will all be placed atop the roof deck.

A faulty roof is a major cause of water damage to the interior of a building and its contents, so roof waterproofing is an essential part of the construction. You should talk to a professional roofing contractor about which waterproofing solution would work best for your roof.

Isothane’s Roofing Systems

Isothane specialises in roof water proofing systems and manufactures a wide variety of related products and systems. Maintaining our status as a preeminent producer of polyurethane waterproofing materials for use in new construction and the restoration of flat roofs, we are keeping up with the most recent innovations and standards to serve our customers better.

Construction and refurbishment projects alike benefit from Isothane roofing systems. Our high-tech flat roof water proofing and asbestos coating systems have earned the trust of a large clientele.

By ensuring the tensile strength and other physical characteristics of the applied materials during production, we can guarantee the longevity of our waterproofing systems for up to 25 years. Waterproofing the roof is essential to maintaining the safety of the building. Not only do roofs add to a building’s curb appeal, but they also play an important role in weatherproofing the structure below. Roofs, being the highest point of a building, take the brunt of the elements year after year, often resulting in expensive leaks. Isothane provides roof coating systems that can be applied as a liquid for lasting protection on both straightforward and intricate roofs.

If you’re looking for a new roof, look no further than the cutting-edge, liquid-applied roofing products made by Isothane:


This hybrid of aromatic and aliphatic technology is a moisture-activated polyurethane liquid roofing system. It has a low odour, cures quickly, is very long-lasting, and doesn’t cost much. Instead of using fleece materials, which are more labour-intensive and expensive, our flat roof waterproofing system incorporates a glass-fibre reinforcing mat. This eliminates the need for intricate and time-consuming cutting of the reinforcing fleece, allowing the system to be formed to the roof’s interface details with minimal disruption to schedule and budget.


This cutting-edge spray-applied asbestos stabilisation and coating system are one of the most efficient asbestos spray coatings currently on the market. It’s an economical option that won’t require removing your asbestos cement sheet roof and will boost the underlying roof structure’s strength and thermal properties. Our spray-applied coating can be applied to your current roof to increase its durability, longevity, and overall value. After the stabilising layer is in place, a cutting-edge chemical process is used to apply a waterproofing membrane.

We manufacture our waterproofing systems to suit the needs of our customers. Our devoted staff is here to help whenever you have a roofing question. Local governments, roofing companies, educational institutions, recreational centres, private households, and commercial enterprises can benefit from our products. Strict quality control measures are applied to all of our roof coatings.

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