About KT XMaster Formula Indicator

XMaster Formula

When used properly, the KT XMaster Formula indicator is a buy & sell signal indicator that performs miraculously across most timeframes and currency pairs.

The indicator derives its readings from a combination of moving average, RSI, and MACD calculations. Scalping and trading with the trend are where its strengths lie. These signals are easy to understand and implement for both new and seasoned traders.

How to Trade with Xmaster Formula

Indicator points are shown as green and red dots connected by wavy lines. These dots denote the market tendencies. Yellow up/down arrows indicate market entry signals; red dots represent the falling market price; green dots depict the rising market price.

Keep in mind that the green dots are generally less thick than the red ones. For Forex traders, this means better identification of bullish and bearish trends. When the green dot changes to red, the signal indicated by the yellow arrow will become active, and vice versa when the red dot changes to blue. Traders of all skill levels can benefit from using this indicator.

It is possible to create a comprehensive Forex trading system by integrating the XMaster Formula indicator with others that provide superior trading opportunities. In addition, you’ll need to be patient, as the indicator only gives signals on occasion.

There is a cap on the total number of signals that the indicator can generate. However, when used in conjunction with other indicators, it becomes much clearer whether the Xmaster formula’s signal is still timely or has passed the timeframe expiration.

How To Use

You can take two paths when using this indicator. The first is to use it independently, which is not recommended due to the fact that no single system is 100% accurate.

The second strategy employs a combination of additional technical indicators. Indicators like MACD, breakout, and gap indicators are among them.