Abogados de Accidentes: 5 Reasons to Hire a Specialized Lawyer


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General and specialized knowledge each have value. When you feel ill, a general practitioner can diagnose the problem and refer you to a specialist. On the other hand, if you’ve been involved in a collision in a diverse city such as San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas, the problem is clear from the outset. An abogados de accidentes, or accident lawyer, is best equipped to successfully resolve your case in several ways.

Abogados de Accidentes: 5 Reasons to Hire a Specialized Lawyer

1. Greater Experience Tells

Several studies indicate that specialization encourages economic growth. In other words, it pays to master a single discipline rather than dabble in several. Still, if you don’t believe the Oxford University Press, consider how Michael Jordan struggled as a minor league outfielder after temporarily abandoning his NBA career. With the Birmingham Barons, he was out of his depth, but, when he returned to Chicago to play basketball, he was able to deliver championship results for the Bulls.

The science of economics and specialization translates to the legal profession, as well. A prospective client would naturally expect an accident lawyer with greater knowledge of traffic and insurance laws to have a “home court advantage” over a criminal defense or tax attorney when it comes to determining fault and liability in an accident case. Expertise in your area of need, not hourly rates or relatability, is the first box that should be checked when searching for the right representation.

2. Community Ties Matter

Retaining a local attorney is another home-court advantage. Lawyers from other cities or states won’t be as acquainted with local laws that could benefit your case. That extra bit of knowledge could be a difference-maker.

In addition, the rapport between lawyer and judge is important. When an attorney has appeared in a courtroom several times, they can anticipate how a judge will rule on certain points and how much leeway will be given. Similarly, the presiding judge will be familiar with them. An outsider may need to overcome a level of natural skepticism.

3. Specialists Have More Time For You 

It’s long been known in academic circles that specialization results in “economies of scale“. In the simplest terms, practice makes perfect. The more one performs a task, the more proficient one becomes at it. Proficiency translates into efficiency, with both increased productivity and time saved. Henry Ford’s assembly line is the prime example of specialization saving time and increasing productivity.

In the legal field, an attorney or firm specializing in a specific area of law, with a litany of cases under their belt, has a deeper knowledge of pertinent case law. While colleagues in general practice spend time researching laws and precedents, specialists can focus on individual cases and communicate with their clients. For clients influenced by the bottom line, that concentrated effort can also result in lower fees, even when a specialist charges a higher hourly rate.

4. Greater Resources Than General Practice Attorneys

While a greater depth of knowledge is a clear advantage, there are other resources that a general practice may lack but a specialized law firm can exploit. By trying far more cases in a specific field, accident lawyers develop a greater abundance of and form stronger relationships with pertinent contacts. These professional associates can aid your case in several ways.

Growing a wider network of human resources allows accident lawyers greater access to qualified private investigators who may help determine fault in accidents or rebut an insurance adjuster’s findings. It provides them with a rolodex of effective expert witnesses who can support your legal arguments. As well, they are better positioned than general practice attorneys to negotiate a lucrative settlement with opposing attorneys. What is the saying? Better the devil you know…

5. Minority Representation

To the regret of the American Bar Association, the legal profession remains one of the most underrepresented by minorities. In that context, abogados de accidentes bring a unique specialization to the table, especially in Texas, where people of color are driving the state’s population boom. 

With nearly two in five Texans of Latino heritage, it pays to have an attorney fluent in both English and Spanish. While court proceedings are typically conducted in English and translators are provided for witnesses who only speak Spanish, a bilingual lawyer who understands Latino culture might pick up on critical nuances another attorney might miss. Regardless of a client’s cultural heritage, they may benefit from their attorney’s ability to communicate in more than one language.

While a firm in general practice can assist with a variety of legal issues, specialists are better equipped to handle specific matters. Extensive experience develops greater knowledge and skill. It also allows an attorney to grow a stronger network of contacts to aid their efforts, as does practicing locally. Bilingual specialists can also bridge cultural gaps impeding a case. When you have a specific problem, it’s never a mistake to hire a specialist.