A Weekend Guide to Fredericksburg, TX


For wine lovers, a weekend away in Fredericksburg may be just what you’re looking for. With over 50 local wineries, the city’s Wine Country is a great place to start – but what else should you add to your schedule?

Here are 5 things to do on a weekend in Fredericksburg:

5 Things to Do on a Weekend in Fredericksburg 

1. Go On a Unique Wine Adventure 

A weekend in wine country calls for a unique wine tour and tasting experience. Texas Wine Tours offers one of the best, most fun-filled wine tours in the region. 

Guests are welcome to join an immersive wine tour in a historic cable car. Each cable car provides ample seating. A Limo Bus is also available for special occasions, such as weddings and birthday parties. There are also options to pair hearty meals with premium wines. 

A Private Haunted Pub Crawl with a costumed guide is also available for a different kind of thrill. All ages are welcome, though drinks are only available to visitors age 21 and up.

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2. Reserve a Romantic Villa 

Barons Creek Vineyards has the most romantic villas in Fredericksburg. These villas are a combination of elegance and Hill Country charm. The villas are built explicitly with couples in mind. Each guest is welcomed with complimentary champagne to toast at sunset. Plus, the property is accessible to multiple wineries to enhance your wine tasting escapades. 

Premium wines in different varieties are available at the guest’s request. 

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3. Learn the History of the Pioneers in Fredericksburg 

The Pioneer Museum is a historic site and museum that tells the story of how the Germans played a significant role in the history of Texas. These Germans called themselves the pioneers and were the ones who initially settled Texas in the 1840s. 

A few blocks away from the grounds is the Vereins Kirche (“society church”). The building that stands today is only a replica of what was once a church, school, and community center for generations. Built in 1935, it was preserved for many decades and has since become a local attraction. 

The museum is an exciting way to spend the weekend for all history buffs out there and great for photo opportunities. 

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4. Hike the Enchanted Rock

Nothing feels better than breaking a sweat while enjoying the expansive and panoramic views of Fredericksburg. Hiking the Enchanted Rock should be included in any first-time visitor’s bucket list if you want a weekend to remember. 

The Enchanted Rock is home to rich vegetation and wildlife, though it is the massive, pink granite dome that lures visitors from around the world every year. From the top, you can witness the stunning, picturesque views of the Texas Hill Country terrain. 

5. Shop Along Main Street 

Main Street is in the heart of Fredericksburg. Surrounded by approximately 150 different shops, you can shop everything from art galleries and boutiques to antique stores and home decor. 

Several restaurants also serve signature dishes in Fredericksburg with premium wines from the rich vineyards of the region. The German culture in Fredericksburg is alive and evident in their dishes. This shopping center doesn’t allow franchises to set up branches here, which guarantees that all products sold on Main Street are unique, belonging only to Fredericksburg.

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Fredericksburg is such a rich part of Texas. Its charming history amid exquisite wine country creates the perfect getaway to de-stress and escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city.
If you need assistance planning the wine tasting portion of your stay, reach out to Texas Wine Tours for all your touring needs.