A Travel Dab Kit Makes the Perfect Gift


Not sure what to get your stoner friend for their birthday or a holiday this year? A portable travel case that includes all their dabbing needs is the perfect gift for your friend. Dab travel kits make for a great gift because they often include more than just a quality case to keep a rig or nectar collector in. They typically include extra accessories that every dab user will love!

What are Dabs?
Dabs are super concentrated cannabis that is made by drawing out THC and other cannabinoids using butane to create a sticky oily substance. Dabs’ consistency can be anywhere from waxy to more crumbly. To smoke this substance, you must heat the concentrated cannabis up on a hot surface and then inhale the smoke through a dab rig. Dabs are great because they have a much stronger flavor than traditional flower cannabis. Users also experience a much more intense high. For medicinal users, this high can provide immediate and total pain relief for their ailment.

What is Included in a Travel Dab Kit?
Dab travel kits usually typically come with more than just a shatterproof case for your piece. Typically, travel dab kits come with some extra accessories that will be beneficial to the user’s experience. Travel dab kits usually come with these items

Shatterproof Case
Usually, a hardshell case that can fit a small rig and all the accessories listed below. This will protect your rig, wax, and accessories and keep them all conveniently in one pouch. These cases are small enough to fit into a suitcase or backpack and make for the ultimate portability.

Wax Containers
Most travel dab kits will come with a few small containers for you to keep your wax in. These containers will help keep your wax clean and fresh and ensure no debris gets in with your product. The container will fit right in the hard shell case and be easy to pack up.

Nectar Collector
Some dab travel kits even come with a nectar collector, which some users prefer to a traditional rig especially if they’re on the go. In case you don’t know, a nectar collector is a portable dab rig that is heated on the metal end and brought to the concentrate, rather than the traditional way of loading the concentrate into the nail in the rig and heating it. Nectar collectors make it super easy to dab on the go.

Travel Sized Dab Tool
A small dab tool is used to transfer the wax to the nectar collector. Most kits will come with some sort of small tool to handle your product and deliver it to your rig, while also protecting yourself from the heat!

Small Torch
A dab kit without a new torch isn’t a dab kit at all is it? A small torch that can fit in the small shatterproof case is necessary for a travel sized dab kit. A good amount of heat is needed to heat up the rig or nectar collector so it is important to have the proper travel-sized equipment.

Where to Find a Dab Kit?
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