A Stoner’s Guide to Packing the Best Weed Kit


There’s nothing worse than being in the mood to smoke up but not being able to because you forgot to bring your stash. If you’re a regular smoker that’s always on the go, then you should have a weed kit with all your essentials handy. But, how do you pack the best one?

Well, not all stoners are the same. So, keep that in mind when packing your own. Whether you’re a bong hitter, a joint roller, or a glass hand pipe type of pothead, this guide should help you put together the best weed kit!

Bring Your Favorite Handy Pipe
If you don’t have one yet, we’ll let you in on a secret: get a glass pipe. It’s not difficult to find a shop where you can buy glass hand pipes with cool and unique designs. What’s difficult is deciding which one to get.

There are one-hitters perfect for small doses and on-the-go smokers. Spoon pipes are easy to hold, use, and pack with weed. There are even handy bongs and bubblers that give you a cleaner hit. They will, however, need extra maintenance and care in cleaning and storage.

Store Your Weed in a Sealed Container
Keep your buds in a sealed container to make your stash last longer. Ideally, your weed kit should be ready whenever, so it’s best to already have a dedicated stash separated already. That way you don’t have to keep packing every time you bring your essentials. That defeats the purpose!

It should be ready to go whenever. To do that, you have to house your weed in a sealed and secured container. It should also be smell proof, so as not to have your belongings in your bag smell of pot.

Always Have a Grinder
Is it really a weed kit if you don’t have a grinder in it? This is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll never know when you’ll need it! While dry pipes can accommodate a whole flower, other pipes can’t. So you have to be ready for any situation that may call for grinding.

Pack Rolling Papers
Be a girl scout or a boy scout by being ready for any situation. Pipes can break if not taken care of or stored properly. So always have rolling papers at the ready so you can roll up a joint anytime, anywhere. Not only will everyone love you for being prepped, but you’ll also be able to roll in advance to have joints for safekeeping.

Being ready also means being a responsible stoner. Always remember to follow rules and regulations when smoking weed recreationally. A few reminders: don’t smoke in public and don’t travel through regions where possession of marijuana is illegal. Abiding by the law allows you to enjoy weed legally. So, make sure to be a responsible citizen too, when enjoying your daily toke. Find your favorite pipe, a sealed container to house your essentials, and another for your weed, the best grinder, and rolling papers to be ready for whenever you feel like blazing.

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