A Quick VFC Avalon VR16 A5 CQC Calibur Review


Looking for a quality AEG that’s light, adjustable, maneuverable, ergonomic, and powerful? How about one that has a knockout aesthetic as well?

Fans of the VFC Avalon VR16 Carbine are going to love the VR16 A5 CQC Calibur. It packs all of the performance of the former into a lighter, more responsible, more maneuverable model.

Let’s break it down.

Tough Construction
First off, the VR16 A5 CQC Calibur is tough. Fans of the VR16 Carbine probably didn’t need us to tell you that, but if you’re new to the world of VFC Avalon, you need to hear it.

There are two generally overarching camps in the world of airsoft AEGs: those that prefer polymer construction and full-metal fans. The VR16 A5 CQC Calibur is for fans in the latter camp.

Full polymer is good: it’s tough, strong, somewhat lightweight, and resilient to the elements. Despite the fact that full metal construction can add some weight (unless it’s milled from aluminum), there’s just no way to beat it. The full metal body is outrageously strong, and though it might set you back a little, it’ll be worth the investment.

Performance Backed by Upgradeability
The VFC Avalon CQC Calibur is powered by a long-type motor and a full-metal, fully upgradeable Version 2 gearbox. It’s capable of both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes of fire and rated to deliver muzzle velocities of 370 to 400 FPS with .20 gram projectiles.

Ratings aside, we can’t help but recommend you try shooting slightly heavier airsoft ammo in this AEG, if you do decide to get one. The lighter BBs are less stable in response to air resistance, which can cause dipping, yawing and other trajectory problems.

Trying it out with heavier BB’s may give your shot string a little more stability as well as the ability to reach greater ranges more accurately. You might lose just a touch of muzzle velocity, but thanks to the platform’s adjustable hop-up system, that really shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Moreover, the fact that you can add or upgrade parts and accessories to this AEG makes it even more of a top-tier pick. This airsoft electric gun’s features include a length of rail across the top of the receiver as well as a section of KeyMod rail system on the handguard, offering plenty of room for optics and other attachments.

Handling and Ergs
Now let’s get into handling and ergonomics. The prime feature of this VFC Avalon airsoft gun is that it is lighter than the Saber Carbine. Actually, that’s the only legitimate distinguishing feature.

Without any attachments, this VFC Avalon AEG weighs 5 pounds, 8 ounces, and is shorter and more maneuverable than its predecessor. Length varies depending on stock adjustment but will range from 26.25” to 29.25” all in. At the shorter end, that’s barely 2 feet of total length – it’s a quick, light, enormously responsive platform.

Lightweight, adjustable and adaptable, this is the ideal CQB AEG platform to make your next purchase. The best part is, if there’s anything you don’t like about it, you can just upgrade or mod it.

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