A master’s in accounting could lead to seven high-paying job


If you also want to move your career ahead in accounting and search all over the internet to find the best seven high-paying jobs then this post may help you the most. Well, a Master of Science in Accounting (iMSA) would open many doors and opportunities for those highest paying jobs.

With this program, you not only provide practical experience but also several other benefits in the form of different roles and jobs. Below is a full list of the highest paying accounting jobs so make sure to read them entirely to get a better understanding of masters in accounting. 

List of Seven High Paying Accounting Profiles

  1. Financial Analyst

A Master of Science in Accounting opens many doors for professionals like you. A financial analyst is one of them. This profile is responsible for figuring out the financial condition of the organization. Also, it ensures other investment decisions as well. The tasks assigned to this profile go like maintaining spreadsheets, gathering data, modeling finances, communicating with management and investors, forecasting, and developing investment. The estimated amount of salary is $77,280.

  1. Corporate Controller

Professionals with this role are responsible for supervising the accounting department. Not only this, the corporate controller indulges in other activities like tax compliance, making budgets, tracking financial statements, payroll, and general ledger. Make sure to have some experience in the field of tax management and business forecasting for moving ahead with this post. $130,226 is the average salary amount. Well, there are lots of accounting firms in NYC that are offering several jobs to this profile. 

  1. Auditor

The auditor takes care of the business financial records. As per the company’s size, the task of the profile can be modified. But, here are the common responsibilities that an auditor has to take care of: examine and organize the financial statements, property filed taxes, best-practice suggestions to management. An auditor can be divided into different groups such as internal, external, forensic, and government. The average salary could be $58,083.

  1. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants are responsible for investigating fraud. They provide a detailed descriptive report to attorneys, juries, and judges. This designation is known for its opinions on different legal matters. The estimated amount here is $80,066. If you do not find yourself fit into these roles and profiles then make sure to get a CPA certification for a better incoming source. Various cities provide good income sources for this role but no one can beat New York. You can check out the CPA salary NYC for their amazing salary offers. 

  1. Chief Financial Officer 

The roles and responsibilities of the Chief financial officer have also changed with firms’ sizes and nature. But, the main function they perform includes business strategy, financial management, risk management, and performance. This profile is suitable for making good decisions, revenue strategies, financial risks, opportunities, and financial reports. If you want to become a chief financial officer then make sure to first get the CPA certificate. The salary amount provided to CFOs is $321,645. 

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  1. Managerial Accountant

There are various functions and tasks that go with this profile like incremental costing, cost-based planning, overseeing the product process, enterprise, optimization, and forecasting. Also, the profile creates the financial reports too. You can get into this post by moving ahead with iMSA’s curriculum. $83,240 is the salary amount provided for this post. 

  1. Information and Technology Accountant

This is the last post that provides the estimated amount of $76,146 as a salary. Today technology and accounting complement each other. There is various software available in the market like QuickBooks that makes the task easy. The profile also works and checks the system that the organization uses for tackling different tasks. Not only this, but the Information and Technology Accountant also indulges in fixing technical issues. 

Final Word!

So, these are all seven high-paying jobs and roles that you can have once clearing the master of science in accounting. We hope that the article has resolved all of your queries regarding the job roles, their salaries, and functions. If you still have some doubts and want to focus on some other accounting designation then make sure to comment down below.