A Handy Guide on The Types of Candles


Although still, we have people around us who think candles are a thing of the past they are not well informed. Candles have many benefits. Its benefits still exist in this digital world. Candles can be used to heal both physically and mentally. It can be used as a soothing ointment.

In this modern world, what do we lack most? It’s a clear mind and good health. Physical illness can be seen but before physical illness, there are things that start internally in our body, especially in our mind.

This article may take you 3 minutes to read but these minutes will teach you the types of candles that are available in the market. And, you can select from them.

Tea Lights:

One of the most prominent types of candles is tea lights or you may say votives. You may see them widely on dining tables, bathrooms, and due to a tall holder can be used in a garden because they can’t easily be blown out when a gust of wind blows. They mostly come in a metallic case that allows all the wax to completely melt. 

You can also use them in a bathroom with scented wax around them. The fragrance and aroma will keep you relaxed all the way and this will add more aesthetics to your bathroom.

Pillar Candles:

By its name, it is one of the sturdier ones on our list. These candles can stand on their own because they have robust pillars that can’t be shaken through a gust of wind. They don’t require any holder. 

If you want a candle that you want to blow for hours like 5 to 6 hours then pillar candles are the right choice to consider. Not only do they add a mystic and aesthetic look to your place but they also add a beautiful aroma to your place that will help your mental health.

Pillar candles come in various sizes like from 4 inches to 18 inches. You can choose from them. These candles also allow you to control the intensity of light. They are generally made from palm wax and are greener than any other type of candle because they produce less smoke.

Candle balls:

By its name, they appear in an elliptical or oval shape. Candle balls are made of paraffin wax and can be used for 24 hours at a time. You can use them again and again. If you have a scented wax then it may give you a fine aroma that can be used as an ointment. 

Round ball candles are the most beautiful types of candles. They are the prettiest ones.  

They come in various shapes and sizes and you can choose from them. You don’t have to go physically. You can buy them online. This is the easiest way to buy. 

These candle balls are very much popular where you have children because these candle balls will make your kids happier.

If you are experiencing some kind of sleeping disorder then just take a while off yourself from the technology and start looking at the flame of the candle. You will surely be able to get a night of better sleep.