A guide to buying a new bed online!

buying a new bed

There are many choices when it comes to buying a new bed!

When you buy a new bed, there’s more than just size and price to consider. You need to think about your sleeping style and the type of mattress that will best suit you. And if you’re shopping online, you also need to know how much time and patience is required in order not only to find the right bed but also to put together all the necessary pieces for assembly. With so many factors at play, we decided to provide some tips on how best to approach purchasing an online bed set!

Your sleeping style

There are a number of different types of sleepers, each with their own specific needs. The first step in buying a new bed is to figure out which category you fall into:

A Side Sleeper is characterized by rolling towards the edge of the bed while they sleep and having difficulty finding a comfortable spot on the mattress.

A Back Sleeper also has a tendency to roll towards the edge; however, they typically sleep without moving and therefore need a bed that provides adequate body support for the lower back.

A Stomach Sleeper is not comfortable on their side or back but instead usually stays in one position all night long.

Types of beds

There are different types of beds that cater to the above sleeping styles. For example, Side Sleepers typically prefer a bed with extra cushioning along the edges, while Stomach Sleepers often enjoy firm mattresses made from solid materials. There are also other factors to consider including size, weight limit and even whether or not you’re looking for a platform bed. The type of mattress you want will all depend on your sleeping habits and preferences.

a) Winged bed: Winged bed is great for Side Sleepers because the wings raise the upper body of the sleeper, keeping them from sliding off.

b) Pillow top bed: This type of bed is often firmer than other types and provides excellent back support.

c) Euro pillowtop bed: A combination between a plush mattress and a pillow-topped mattress.

d) Memory foam bed: This type of bed is a good choice for those who prefer to have little pressure on their joints or who want a bed that contours to the body’s shape.

e) Innerspring mattress: The most common type of mattress made from coils that offer a soft and bouncy feel.

f) Latex mattress: A good balance between a memory foam and an innerspring mattress.

How big is the bed set?

Before purchasing a new bed, make sure you consider how much room you have in your home and that the size of the headboard isn’t overwhelming for the rest of your bedroom furniture. Keep in mind that most online mattress stores can provide custom measurements if necessary! Of course , it’s also important to note the dimensions of any additional pieces such as headboards and nightstands.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices vary depending on your location and the size and weight of the bed set. Some companies charge a one-time fee, others offer free shipping on certain deals, while some online mattress companies offer free shipping on all orders! 

How much time will I need to assemble the bed?

Once you have checked for shipping fees, make sure to look at how long it’ll take you to put your new bed frame together. Also, be sure to know if any tools are included in order to assemble! Will you need an additional helper or can you do it by yourself?

Do you have any other costs?

In addition to shipping fees and assembly time, it’s important to check for any other additional costs. Do you have to purchase a mattress from the same company in order to save on delivery charges? Will that company provide a warranty or guarantee on your purchase? What kind of return policy do they have?

Return policy:

It’s important to remember that if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you should be able to return it without spending too much money on shipping. Also, make sure the company has a good reputation for dealing with customer complaints in a timely manner! While it may seem like a lot of questions to consider, it’s worth spending some time doing your research in order to find the best deal possible. 

That way you can start sleeping better as soon as possible! And don’t forget: if you’re buying online, remember that there’s no salesperson tracking you down and pressuring you into making decisions. You can take as much time as you need to make a decision and if you decide your purchase isn’t what you want, the worst that can happen is that you’ll be out some shipping fees.