A Comprehensive Guide To Leased Line Speeds


The speed of internet connection is an essential thing to run your business smoothly. Especially when you have to provide your clients and customers with an efficient service, you will need a reliable connection with consistent speed. It is also essential that your internet does not go down at the peak usage time because you need to compete with the other team members or even other businesses to use your internet. When you shift to business leased lines, because this network is solely dedicated to your business, you will find that you will always get a speed for which you have paid. Moreover, the connection is reliable and fast with fixed bandwidth and symmetrical speed.  

When you are thinking of getting a dedicated internet connection, you may have several questions in mind about the speed of the connection. It is a quick guide that will help you understand the speed of dedicated internet lines.

Difference Between Dedicated And Standard Internet Connection

With a standard internet connection, when everyone in your area is downloading files, streaming or using the internet for any purpose at the same time, eventually causing an impact on your internet speed. As a result, the speed goes down at the peak times of the day. However, with a dedicated internet connection like a fibre leased line, only you have access to this connection, and you do not need to share it with other businesses. This way, you can enjoy a reliable connection with your upload and download speeds being the same.

Typical Connection Speeds

The speed of a dedicated internet line can vary depending on the provider you choose. Also, different types of dedicated internet connections differ in speed and cost. A typical speed that a dedicated internet line provider offers is between 2Mbps to 1Gbps. The speed that most businesses use is generally 2Mbps, but other business leased line connections are getting popular, such as 10 Mbps and 100 Mbp

Future Of Dedicated Internet Line Speed 

It is a fact, and the most exciting part about internet speed is that the future is set to see faster internet speeds. Some that are faster than your current ADSL and  fibre leased lines speeds. In the future, you will see a difference in the dedicated internet connection speed and find a significant variation in the leased line speed packages. It is most likely that the cable networks will offer double or triple the speed in future than what they are providing now to the consumers.

Is It Worth Having A Leased Line Connection?

The most significant benefit of a dedicated internet connection is that you can get an entire connection for yourself and do not need to deal with any competition. However, setting up a leased line connection for your business is quite expensive. Suppose your business needs a continuous internet connection and the services or product that you supply depends on a fast and reliable connection. In that case, it is worth having a dedicated connection. There are many more benefits that you can get with such a connection. It will help you in increasing the productivity and revenue of your business.

If you want to get a leased line connection, you must shop around and make a price comparison to find a provider that offers the best rates and products that meet your business requirements.