A Complete Guide to the Animation Production Process

A Complete Guide to the Animation Production Process

Did you know you can improve brand engagement with animation?

Creating animated content involves a thorough process of working with an animator and storyteller. If you would like to begin an animation production keep reading.

This guide teaches about popular animation ideas and when to hire an animator. You can work with an animator and storyteller.

Check out the tips below.

What Are Your Goals?

You should meet with your marketing team to discuss your marketing goals. Will you create a short animation once a year, or would you like to create a few? 

Think about what your specific goals are and how you will track viewer engagement. 

You Will Brainstorm

If you would like to begin an animation project, you first need to brainstorm. You will get together with your team and share your ideas. You will share everything you can think of, even the strange ones.

You will need a concept and vision for your animation project. You might have already finished a script or need to brainstorm the script. You want to share fun and unique ideas during this stage.

Some people will choose to work with professional animators or hire a freelancer. Outline your goal for the video.

Include your target audience and what products or services will get featured. Highlight these different things in your outline.

Determine how long your video script would be. Most of the time, an ideal length is around 120 seconds long. An explainer video should be a little shorter, between 60-90 seconds long.

Create a Storyboard

Your storyboard will help outline the story of your animation. It will reveal the main parts of your animation and explain the voiceover.

The animation production process is going to take some time. Your storyboard will help clients see the entire process and understand the direction.

You can help prevent potential delays later.

Create New Designs

You will then get to work with an illustrator after creating your storyboard. Your illustrator will go through a few different styles. And determine which one will suit your particular project. There isn’t a limit to what type to pick.

The designers will also begin collaborating with motion designers. There’s an exchange on how to animate the piece better or improve different details. You will receive a few sample examples of illustrations in various styles.

As a client, you will get to pick what option you prefer. Move to the next step of the animation production. The number of edits done will depend on the budget and schedule of your project.

Have You Heard of Animatic?

Animatic is what animators will use to create a draft video. The goal is to reveal the pace and time with particular transitions and movements.

Animatic includes illustrations that synch with the voiceover and music. The animation isn’t quite there yet. You won’t see a character walking about or anything.

You will see more of a static picture or a slighter slip in the background. The voiceover is quite crucial during this stage. The motion designer will need this before moving forward with animation.

You might pick a professional speaker depending on your target audience and preferences. You can hire a freelancer online.

Animation Production Process

The animation stage is the most crucial step. During this stage, you will embody a charming and unique story. Before reaching this stage, you must devote time and attention to the earlier efforts.

You should meet with your team and agree on them before you hit the animation stage.

Approval and Feedback

At this stage of the animation process, you will need to seek out feedback and approval.

If you’re working with an animator, you will get to send out or view input. The reviews implemented at this stage will depend on your budget and schedule.

Quick feedback will help you move forward with the process and shouldn’t interrupt it. 

Ask Your Customers 

You should also talk to customers and find out what they think about your recent project. Do they seem to respond well to the animation? You could post the animation on your social media platforms. 

You can ask your customers to share their feedback by leaving comments or questions. Send out a survey to your customers if you want to find out what they think about the latest animation. 

Study Your Competitors 

You should look at what your competitors are doing and study their animations. Is there something you can do differently? 

See how customers respond to their animations. 

Find a Local Animator

Make a list of your potential animators. You should spend time reading about the company and checking out online reviews. What do customers say about the animation company? Are the comments mostly favorable?

Look at making a list of your top picks. Ask if you could speak to previous clients and learn more about their experience. 

You should list potential animators and go through the process of meeting with them. Pick someone who isn’t too far away, so you can meet with them. For example, if you’re in Dallas, Texas, contact The Republic’s Dallas animation studios.

Preparing for the Animation Production

Did you find this guide helpful in preparing for your animation production? Meet with your team and brainstorm new ideas. You should work with a reputable animator so you can ensure you have an excellent product.

Brainstorm your target audience and goal with the animation.

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