A Complete Guide on Hardwood Floor

A Complete Guide on Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor as the name implies is made from pure wood. The surface of the home is said to be a hardwood floor when it has only one material which is wood. Choice of wood can differ according to its color and species. Hardwood floor is a premium choice of flooring, making it the most expensive one of all. If we go for how it looks, we find that beautiful aesthetic feeling we get after its installation. Apart from being trendy in well-decorated homes, it is also very much durable and liked by people. People often struggle with deciding what flooring they should opt for. Decorating a home is a real challenge because the investment is done on time for a longer period of time. So, when it comes to releasing heavy money on furniture and fixtures, flooring is also given so much importance.

Hardwood floors are basically pure wood floors that have three to quarter-inch planks of any species of pure wood. That is the width of the plank. And the length of the plank is decide by the purchaser in order to let them design the floor. However, hardwood floors are hard, strong, and firm to walk on. One thing that needs to be compromised here, soft flooring. Even then hardwood floors are the choice of all because of the warm, retro, aesthetic vibes it radiates in the home. People going for natural ambiance in their home with woods and plants usually combine the best species and color together. Nature lovers are the top buyers of hardwood flooring.

Variants and Average Cost to Install a Hardwood Floor

As discussed above, types of hardwood flooring decide the durability as well as the pricing range. After choosing the best of all the options available, one thing needs to be considered. That includes the Average cost to install a hardwood floor. Because budgeting is as important as anything. Budgeting is the topmost concern of an average wage man, one who has gathered a sum of money to spend on his home.

The average cost of installing the hardwood floor ranges from $2311 to $6115. If we take it as per square feet, it should be $6-$11 on the low. And if we go higher, it costs between $12-$23 per square foot. The price variation is based on the wood material a person selects, quality, and durability. The average cost to install a hardwood floor includes service charges as well for the material. Installation service is often categorize into the removal of the old floor, fixing of a new floor, renewal of old floor by sanding and polishing, etc.

By Color

Color decides the types of vibes you want from your rooms. Colors can be decide either from a preference perspective or trends. The most common and liked trends are

  • European White Hardwood

  • Dark Charcoal Hardwood

  • Cool Brown and Yellow Hardwood

  • Graphite Hardwood

  • Blonde Hardwood

By Species

Species are mainly the measuring tool for deciding what type of investment must be made. Prices are decide upon a certain type of species. The most common and trendy species are as follow

  • Oak

  • Pine

  • Timber

  • Cherry

  • Walnut

  • Bamboo

  • Maple

  • Acacia

Prices of these species have three categories ranging from low, middle, and high. That as well depends on the species and color of your choice. The options given to people are generally according to their taste and budget. The size of the wood does not matter here as there are broad as well as narrow planks available. But what matters here is the species. However, the average cost to install hardwood floors increases with an increase in the grade of species.


Softwood which is not that firm and strong ranges from $3-$6 per square foot. The species in this category include pine and poplar. This price is exclusive of the installation cost. Installation separately costs $3-$5.


The Middle category has many options as many species fall into the middle-class category. This category includes oak, teak cherry, and many more others. The material cost is between $5-$10 per square foot, while installation costs between $4-$8 by a professional.


This category includes the most premium and expensive variants of wood. These are the exotic Mahogany or Walnut wood. The material cost of this type of wood floor is $8-$15, while the installation cost is not so different from the middle level. It is the same as middle.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

  • Aesthetic Feels

Hardwood floors give an elegant look to your home. Some people go for funky vibes while some people stick to the traditional-looking views and d├ęcor. This warm and cozy feeling which is radiate by hardwood floors is so appealing for visitors that always welcomes them. It is note that hardwood floors make the area look bigger than it actually is, making it a perfect choice for small places.

  • Low Maintenance

All you need to do is mop daily and the floor is ready to walk on. The average cost to install a hardwood floor takes so much in the process that it makes it perfect for use without caring about maintenance expenses. Unlike carpeting, these floors just need to be clean daily with a particular disinfectant to kill bacteria coming from outside.

  • Durability

The longevity is more than 20 to 30 years depending upon the species you select. That is why it makes it the best choice for investors. No need to invest again and again in building a floor. Also, the resale value of the property increases when buyers come to know about hardwood flooring. This flooring like any other flooring can be scratch or dent. However, if taken proper care of it avoids such types of tools or elements inside the home. It will be as good as solid.

  • Nature Lovers Go to Option

This flooring type is the favorite type of nature lovers who love to spend time with greens and trees. It gives them the option to have a nature-based lifestyle that is healthy and has long-lasting effects on mental health as well. They often decorate this flooring with natural elements like plants.

It also improves the air inside the home. No need to buy an air purifier when you have hardwood floors installed. Carpets release fibers, whereas tiles and other types of flooring have gaps between them which allows them to attract dust particles and other stuff. Hardwood flooring opposes the idea of it and with no gaps or grouts in it, it’s just the perfect option.

  • Compliments Furniture

Most people keep traditional furniture which is purely made of wood. Retro furniture and also new trends of furniture and fixtures are now promoting wood with everything. And the elegance of wood continues to grow with time. This hardwood flooring gives them the opportunity to complement their floor with their furniture.

  • Colors Remain Intact

The color of the hardwood floor does not fade, also because it is pure wood and wood does not lose its essence ever. This feature adds more value to it. Unlike ceramic tiles and carpets, which lose their quality over time. Hardwood floors remain intact in place with their texture as well as color.

  • Refinishing

However, hardwood floors are not prone to maintenance. But if anyone wants to change the tone of their hardwood floor. They can optimize it by refinishing and sanding. This process is done usually after 10 years and can give a fresh and new look to your floor. Polishing can be changed depending on what your current presence of color is.