A Brief Guide to Pose for An Indian Wedding


Posing is an Art form that is tested at its peak during weddings. Especially when it comes down to a fat Indian wedding, the photographs carry as much value as any other event. However, amidst all the congestion and wedding mess, what one needs to remember is the basic fundamentals for posing. There is no go-to approach for a successful wedding album but following a few steps to initiate gives you beautiful outputs. Go ahead and hire an Indian Wedding Photographer to help you with the same.

In order to get effective results, it is important to be comfortable with the photographer in the first place. Make sure that your photographer respects your mutual interactions and that you establish a friendly rapport with them. If possible, go ahead and organise a pre-wedding shoot session to get adequate with the process. Let’s take a brief look through simple poses that are elegant yet create magical radiation on your pictures.

What Are The Poses That Make The Photos Attractive?

The side-by-side standing pose:

A couple standing next to each other radiates the love and affection they carry in them for each other. As an Asian Wedding Photographer, it is quite obvious to propose this pose for the initial wedding photos of the bride and the groom. Gaze at each other with eyes filled with warmth and care for each other. This also works out best while playfully touching each other’s cheek.

Lock each other’s faces while locking arms with each other:

Being one of the most classic poses, stay looped in each other’s arms and let the photographer capture the best of you. Even if this is a simple idea, this pose lets the photographer capture you while covering the maximum wide angle. This also makes sure that a detailed view of the bride’s dress is covered.

Posing while sitting:

Having hailed from an Asian background, no one understands the need to capture comfortable and open pictures more than a Hindu Wedding Photographer. Seated poses make the couple look comfortable, and they look less staged and more candid. One can easily rely on their photographer to choose a dry and clean spot to get a hold of such photographs. A bit of intimacy while leaning on each other can bring out the best images. The photographers are perfectly capable of capturing your candid reactions too, which makes the photographs even more interesting.

Kissing on the hands:

Considering an Indian Wedding, this isn’t a typical Indian pose that is looked upon by the bride and the groom. This is a cut pose to begin with. Either of the couples can bend back and kiss each other. Rest assured that the photographer will make the most of the majestic moment. This can be one of the most defining moments of all weddings.

Sikh Wedding Photography is considered to be one of the most beautiful types among all of the other Indian traditions and religions. It is relatively easy and simple to ace the practice of poses at a wedding. Wedding photography is all about creating an effortless connection with your loved one and showcasing that in the images. This can be easily achieved with a bit of hard work and creativity.