A Brief Guide on Camping at Deluxe Bedouin Chalets

Deluxe Bedouin Chalets

We all live in a world full of complexities, tensions, and busy schedules., with these busy schedules, it is hard to find some quality time for yourself and your loved ones. It is your basic right to treat yourself well and go to places that are a source of happiness. But there are a few places that could help your mind and body to relax. Everything we see around us is technology-oriented, which is no different from our hectic life. So, in such situations, look for places that are more fun and peaceful. One of the best places to have some peace of mind and capture beautiful moments is the Deluxe Bedouin chalets in Dubai.

Keep scrolling down the article to dig some key benefits of camping overnight in the deserts of the UAE.

Top 7 Perks of Camping at Deluxe Bedouin Chalets

Not every person wants to go on camps that are thrilling and full of dangers. Some people want to escape from their busy schedules for a few days out at places that are peaceful and full of comforts. One of the best places for going on camps in Dubai is the Deluxe Bedouin chalets; you will be able to enjoy every bit of your life here, enjoying all the luxuries.

Below are some of the perks you can enjoy while camping in the deserts.

1. Enjoy Arabic coffee and dates

When you stay overnight at the Deluxe Bedouin Chalet, do not miss out on the chance to try the Armghan of the UAE. The special coffee beans here make the best coffee and gives you a taste that you have never tasted before. And how can you miss the wide range of Dates here; these dates are the most famous all around the world. So, book your overnight camping Dubai tickets and enjoy the beautiful view and delicious meals of the UAE.

2. Short camel rides

Your visit to Dubai is incomplete if you haven’t enjoyed a camel ride. Camels are the most important rides, especially when you are roaming in the deserts of the UAE. Your camping in Dubai is not about sitting in front of a bonfire and eating food, but it is more than that. During your camps, you can enjoy short camel rides and visit the wide-open and never-ending deserts of Dubai.

3. Sandboarding

Sandboarding is more like skateboarding and snowboarding with a little change. Instead of skating in the water and snow, you get a chance to board in the sand. People that fear going in deep water but still want to enjoy skateboarding can go for sandboarding. The deserts of Dubai are the best places to enjoy this new sport and people going there for camps must try this sport.

4. Live performances and entertainment

An overnight camp is incomplete without music, entertainment, and live performances. People love listening to music and watch things that entertain them. At Deluxe Bedouin chalets, you can enjoy live performances by your favorites. Not only are these camps entertaining for adults and grownups, but kids can also enjoy them because a play area for kids is also available. You can enjoy all these facilities from 6: 30 pm till 8:30 pm.

5. Capturing moments

Capturing special moments with your family and loved ones is one of the most important things for humans. While you stay at the Chalets in Dubai, do not forget to capture your special moments. You will get the opportunity to capture the dying sunset in the desert and other activities happening. These moments will keep reminding you about a beautiful day with your family which you can cherish your whole life.

6. Breakfast

Apart from the entertainment and dinner facilities at deluxe Bedouin Chalets, you will also get the opportunity to have a great and delicious breakfast in the morning. These are the most comfortable forms of camping that you can ever enjoy. With other forms of campings, you do not get to enjoys such facilities and luxuries. That is why these camps are more suitable for families with kids. So, do not forget to book your favorite overnight camping spot in Dubai to have a fun-filled day in the deserts of Dubai.

7. BBQ dinner

An overnight camp is incomplete without a bonfire and delicious food. When you go camping in Dubai, you will get to taste the delicious food and enjoy a BBQ dinner at night. These parties begin at 7:30 at Bedouin Chalet till the silent camping hours start. You do not get to enjoy such things at camps, so enjoy to the fullest when you get an opportunity to camp in Dubai.

Enjoy your camping at the Deluxe Bedouin Chalets!

When you are in Dubai or visit this place, do not forget to miss the chance of camping in the most famous and luxurious chalets. You will feel relaxed and refreshing at this place and will go back to your destinations full of beautiful memories and moments. These camping experiences will give you more energy to get back to your busy schedules. So do not forget to nook your tickets on time and treat yourself well.

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