A Basic Airsoft Attachment List for 2021


Guess how many airsoft attachments you honestly need with your airsoft gun – none. Despite the gearheads out there, there are some players that are confident to hit the airsoft field over nothing but iron sights.

The rule of thumb is to practice with your airsoft gun (or guns) and then potentially take them into a match before you decide what you want to pair with it. Some players shooting AEGs are more than happy to shoot over iron sights; players with airsoft sniper rifles probably wouldn’t enter a match without advanced optics.

All else being equal, once you practice with your new or preferred platform if you decide you do want to expand with some useful airsoft attachments, consider some of these.

1. Rubber Armored Octagon Scope 3-9×40
First up it’s a classic optic that you might find just as useful over a spring-powered, bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle as you would over some AEGs.

It features 1.1-4x magnification, between 3.3 and 3.9 inches of eye relief, and easily adjusts for windage and elevation in ½ MOA increments, more than enough for nearly all airsoft engagements.

What’s really useful and unique about this scope, though, isn’t its variability or easy adjustment. It’s its rubberized armor. Many scopes are extremely sensitive and can lose their zero if they’re bumped or knocked. This scope is ready to hang through the trials of the airsoft field.

2. Trijicon MRO 2.0 MOA Dot Site
Trijicon’s MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) reflex sight is perfect for AEGs, rifles, carbines, and shotguns and provides fast target acquisition, particularly in low light settings and close quarters.

It features a large aperture so it’s perfect for low light scenarios and when shooting from unconventional positions, enabling quick target acquisition and fast follow-up shots. It’s also fully sealed, protecting it from the elements.

This red dot sight features ambidextrous controls for brightness and features adjustment knobs that are easy to manipulate. Best of all, for those of you that play airsoft underwater, it’s waterproof to 30 meters! In all seriousness, it actually is waterproof.

3. Advanced Technology Int. Forend Pistol Grip
Those of you that just don’t like the ergonomics of gripping the handguard as your “forend,” there are solutions out there and this is one of the best of them. This collapsing pistol grip can easily be mounted to any handguard that has a standard Pic rail at the bottom. It’s easily adjustable and folds when not needed.

For just a few ounces at most, you can easily add an advanced grip to the forend of your AEG that is highly modular and can fold up and out of the way when not needed. You’ll also enjoy better stability and control while shooting. It may not be the most exciting airsoft attachment, but it is definitely one of the most practical.

4. G&G UVT106 Tracer Unit
Of all the cool airsoft attachments to have, a tracer unit like this one is without a doubt one of the coolest.

This tracer unit, which can be simply twisted on or off to mount it to compatible airsoft guns, features tough, lightweight aluminum construction. It has an easy-to-access rotary activation switch, and despite the fact that you can only use it with green tracer BBs, it’s a whole lot of fun to learn how to use.

It’s especially useful when you have to fire instinctively or deliver suppressive fire, allowing you to actually see where your trajectory is trailing. Plus, as we mentioned, it’s great fun to use.

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