9 Ways Which Chat Bots WillImprove Your Customer Services


Technology has no doubt allowed us to improve our businesses for hundreds of years. However, in modern times, we are starting to rely on the advancements of digital technology to progress our businesses.

Customer relations can be ‘make or break’ for a business, so with the new and improved technology of Chat Bots, we have the tools at our disposal to deliver the best customer relations that has ever been. Below, are 9 reasons why you would want a Chat Bot in your business, and a brief explanation about how they can help you to succeed and grow if your business decides to create chatbot customer service solutions.

1. Chat Bots are 24/7 Employees

A company who has previously used only human workers, may find that it is not financially viable to operate 24/7. However, a chatbot never needs or wants to go home. This can have a few benefits, like it never gets tired or requests holidays, but it also means that a business can have the option of having customer relations 24/7.

2. Chat Bots Are More Approachable for Today’s Society

A recent study has found that in fact, millennials, are more inclined to chat with a bot than with an actual human being. There are possibly several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that in today’s society, feeling shamed is a concern, and younger people may feel like they are being judged if they talk to another human.

3. Chat Bots have Multi-Tasking Abilities.

As a computer is able to perform hundreds or thousands of tasks at the same moment, it means that a chatbot can speak to multiple customers at once. This is great as it satisfies a wider customer base, but also, it is a cost-efficient tool for a business.

4. Chat Bots are Emotionless

The Monday Blues, the Friday Slowdown, nearly Christmas. These are seemingly valid reasons for a workforce of humans to not work to the best of their ability, and not ideal if you are the owner of a company. However, a chatbot would never know the difference from one day to the next, and would keep working to the standard any company desires.

5. Data Analysis with Chat Bots

Once taking the decision to implement a Chat Bot into your company, you have the tools in place to generate a report on how the Chat Bot is being utilised, and find out which are the most common requests from a customer. This piece of information is so powerful, as it allows a business to focus on the main problem areas within a business, meaning a business can rapidly improve in a short period of time.

6. Personalise Conversations Using Chat Bots.

More technical chat bots have the ability to form more natural sounding conversations, which means the customer can engage more. This kind of improved customer service will add strength to the business. Using previously collected data, conversations between bot and customer can eventually become more informative and specific.

7. Chatbots Converse in More Languages

Having an employee that is multi-lingual offers endless benefits. However, they may come at a much higher cost, as well as not being able to work 24/7. Chat bots are capable of conversing in multiple languages, meaning a business can connect to a worldwide customer base.

8. Chatbots make many Processes Automated

A chat bot can easily be connected to an API which can help them to deal with a more varied range of customer requests. They also have the mechanics to conduct time costly processes like emails and dealing with FAQ’s. They can also take responsibility for customers wishing to pay online. There are a wide range of tasks that chat bots can complete; they can even help with Human Resource tasks like booking staff holidays, maternity leaves, sick leave and many other things.

9. A Chat Bot can work over Multiple Channels.

Businesses today rely on connecting with as many people as possible. The general population use dozens of channels for communication. For a business, having a chat bot that can be deployed across multiple channels, will make it effortless to connect with the maximum number of customers as possible.