9 Top YouTube SEO Tips for new channels (2022)


If you’ve been searching to increase your recognition on YouTube, If so, you’re at the right spot. In this post, we’ll guide you through the top YouTube SEO tips to get better on YouTube.

If we stumble across various YouTube channels, we typically conclude that the channel has lots of subscribers or is popular. However, every YouTube user has started their channel with a lack of subscribers. Let’s begin the process with How to Rank YouTube Channel in 2022.

Based on the analysis from the 2018 State of Video Marketing Survey, it is estimated that there is eighty percent of marketing professionals use YouTube, and approximately 567,000 hours of videos are uploaded each day to YouTube, according to the Business Insider Study.

It’s simple to gain an increase in position on YouTube channels. You have to remain on the correct path. You can purchase YouTube subscribers with SubPals. Here are a few strategies that can assist you in achieving a better position on YouTube.

Top YouTube SEO Tips to Get More Popularity

Use these nine most effective YouTube SEO Tips that work to improve the ranking of your YouTube videos.

1. Include an Object Keyword

It doesn’t matter if you’ve uploaded your videos online or are working on them. Create a key keyword for each video. The search engines work by matching the users’ keywords with those that are the most relevant results. Consider the purpose in the clip, and it will aid you in achieving a high rank.

The most well-known keyword research tools include Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. They all share an identical method of working.

2. Improve the Title

If you’re clear on the main point the video focuses on, consider adding a keyword to the title. However, the title will not suffice as approximately 400 new videos get uploaded each minute on YouTube. Your title must be compelling and give you massive SEO benefits.

3. Make the description more effective

Optimizing your title alone will not suffice; you should improve your description, too. Your content should be able to attract the attention of any potential viewers. The First 125 characters in your content are shown. However, it is always a good idea to make up about 250 words. Consider placing the most crucial keywords at the start of the YouTube description.

4. Use the Correct Tags

Once you’re done with the description and title, include the keywords from your “tags” section. Tags are used only for reference purposes on YouTube. Viewers will not be in a position to know the content you have included. You can use an application called VidlQ to assist you in identifying the various tags that your competition is using.

5. Start Making Longer Videos

YouTube uses the length of a total view as one of its ranking factors. The longer the duration of your video and the more active the viewers are. However, this doesn’t mean that you should pull your tape down. It would help if you tried using logical and pertinent content for viewers.

6. Inspire Engagement

When someone is watching a video, they are presented with the option of subscribing, liking, or liking it using this button.

The level of Engagement of your viewers will affect your SEO. If a person likes the video you have posted, it will be noticed by YouTube, which will begin showing your videos to them.

7. Make an attractive Thumbnail

When a video has first opened, the viewer only sees two things.

The title of the video and the thumbnail. With the visual data processed at the rate of up to 60,000 more as text that thumbnails count!

YouTube may randomly assign thumbnails to you. However, it’s simply a random image taken from the movie. To make your site stand out, it is essential to choose an appealing idea that can make people click.

8. Create Backlinks

Link construction is a crucial factor in ranking SEO. If you are aware of how you need to optimize your written content to be indexed by Google, you will know that the number of backlinks will be used to determine the quality. 

In the same way, YouTube is also effective. To increase the backlinks, ensure to post your video on different locations, such as your website or blog. It is recommended to have more links because this can help increase YouTube SEO’s rank and the overall ranking of your Google SEO.

9. Be Social

Make sure to share your videos on different platforms. The more people know about it, the higher the position of your video in Google’s search results on YouTube. Complete hashtag research on the content of your choice and then use the hashtag for advertising a specific YouTube channel or video.

Concluding Thoughts on the Top YouTube SEO Tips

YouTube was always among the most competitive platforms to share your content due to the many people who visit it every day. I hope that you enjoy the post about How to Rank YouTube with the most effective YouTube SEO tips helpful.