9 Tips to Keep in Mind While Shopping Makeup Online in Pakistan

makeup online shopping

The pandemic has forever changed the consumer buying process. Most people in Pakistan and elsewhere now prefer to shop online due to convenience, ability to quickly compare prices, and numerous other factors. Most people predicted that the online shopping trends would subside once the pandemic was over.

So far, it has not been the case. In Pakistan, trends show an increase in online makeup shopping. This increase has also led to higher instances of fraud. Unfortunately, due to the lack of robust laws governing eCommerce in Pakistan, these issues will persist. However, don’t worry as through our tips, you can avoid many pitfalls associated with online makeup shopping in Pakistan.

Buy Makeup Online – Best Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Make Two Lists

The first thing that you must do before you buy makeup online is make two lists. Label the lists as ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’. The ‘Wants’ will include the makeup products you want but do not necessarily need or require. In the ‘Needs’ list, write all the products you need and cannot do without. Over time, if you see your ‘Wants’ list frequently changing, you don’t need these products. Instead, these are only impulse buys. Treating yourself to such products occasionally is okay, but not too frequently. It is better to focus on the ‘Needs’ list alone.

  1. Narrow the Brands

The next thing is to narrow the brands. There are countless makeup brands in the market right now. With the growth of eCommerce in the country, the number of brands will only increase. While having a choice is always a good thing, too much choice can confuse most people. In most cases, you will buy products from brands that are too expensive or low quality. Therefore, don’t buy makeup online from the first website that you come across. Instead, do some research. 

  1. Select the Online Shop

Make a list of the top stores for online makeup shopping. Check out their reviews, return policy, delivery time, etc. While many brands operate their websites, others prefer selling through retailers like GuruApp and other online cosmetics stores. It is why we asked you to select online shops.

  1. Start With Best-Selling Products

Once you finish the previous steps, start analyzing the best-selling products. Does the list feature any product that you need? If not, start searching for your desired products on the narrowed-down websites. We recommend that you search for the products on the websites.

  1. Check the Ingredients

Does the product match your skin? For example, certain makeup products contain ingredients that can cause allergies in some individuals. We recommend checking the ingredients thoroughly and assessing if there is anything that might harm your skin. In some cases, the ingredients might go against your religious beliefs. So, assess each ingredient carefully.

  1. Compare with your Skin

Not all products will complement your appearance, irrespective of how appealing they look. Everyone has a distinct skin tone and thus requires different skincare products. Therefore, check if the desired product will help you stand out positively. If not, we recommend opting against the product.

  1. Check the Reviews

If the product is compatible with your skin, check out the reviews. We always ask online buyers to check a product’s reviews and testimonials. Why? First, it ensures that the product is up to the desired quality standard. Second, it provides the prospective buyer with information about how the product will look when used.

  1. Wait for a Sale

If the reviews are positive and you have decided to buy the product, wait for a sale. It can help you save money which you can then use to buy products from the ‘Wants’ list. It is a great way to expand your makeup collection and ensure that you have a product for every occasion.

  1. Leave a Review

The last tip is to leave a review after completing the purchase. The review serves many purposes. It will help support the brand as reviews are an important way of increasing its reach and sales. Second, it would help other prospective buyers assess whether the product meets their requirements.


It concludes our article on the top tips to keep in mind during makeup shopping in Pakistan. If you still have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.