9 Pistol Accessories Worth the Investment


Whether you invest in a pistol strictly for self defense or you are a competitive shooter, tastefully selected pistol accessories can make a big difference in your training and shooting experience. From cutting down on time to target acquisition to providing you with room for additional attachments, these nine accessories will boost your confidence, improve the operation of your firearm, and help you shrink your groups.

1. Night sights
For the self-defense minded among you, night sights, such as those treated with tritium, provide a significant advantage in the dark. Some tactical sights hinge on the ability to project a beam of light onto a target, but night sights preserve the element of discretion in the dark – which can be a matter of life and death.

2. Center mass laser sights (or any laser sights)
Laser sights of all sorts will help you cut back on the time needed to acquire your target, since they enable reflex shooting. You won’t need to line your sights up, just point and shoot. Moreover, center mass style laser sights project a ring around the target with a dot at the middle, enabling quicker target acquisition and centering.

3. Tactical lights
It’s always better to have something like a tactical light and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. Tactical lights can provide visibility in tense, dark situations and can even potentially give you the element of surprise. They’re also fairly affordable and generally pretty easy to mount to a firearm, so there’s little reason not to invest in one.

4. Rail adapters
Many pistols come with a small section of rail underneath the trigger guard or along the bottom of the frame, but many do not. Unlike larger platforms, there’s precious little real estate on most pistols for tacking on accessories. Fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket rail adapters you can buy and affix to most pistols that will give you the ability to customize them with your preferred pistol accessories.

5. An updated trigger
A mushy trigger is a nightmare, and something that you need to replace. Truth is, you should replace a trigger that doesn’t make you feel confident even if you wouldn’t overtly call it “bad.” If your trigger over travels, creeps too much, feels mushy or just doesn’t break reliably, install a new one or visit a gunsmith to have them do it for you.

6. A guide rod for your recoil spring
For those of you shooting semi-automatic slide-action pistols, you can preserve and extend the life of your recoil springs with a high-quality guide rod. A guide rod may also be able to diminish felt recoil and improve cycling.

7. Updated, more ergonomic grips
Depending on your preferred handgun, you may be able to transform your shooting experience with a wisely chosen set of new grips. While you’re a bit more limited in how you can customize the grips of handguns with mags that run through the grip, you can add just about any type of handle you want to a revolver’s frame, slimming down the grips or filling them out as needed.

8. A mag loader
Handling some handgun ammo is a course in frustration, especially smaller cartridges like .22 LR. Don’t spend hours at the range loading or even unloading mags. For a few dollars, you can pick up a mag loader that will save you plenty of time at the bench.

9. A holster that works for your needs
A holster that works for you, secures your gun safely and comfortably, and will enable you to carry your pistol in the manner you prefer is another vital pistol accessory. Whether you prefer leather or Kydex, OWB or shoulder carry, make sure you choose a holster that works for you.

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