9 Must See Attractions in Hobbs, NM


The city of Hobbs, New Mexico is a great place to explore with plenty of attractions and activities for the whole family. Although the city may be small compared to other cities in the state, it has so much to offer! From museums and historical sites to parks and outdoor recreation, there are plenty of things to do in Hobbs. Here’s a list of 20 must-see attractions for your next visit to Hobbs!

1. Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame & Museum

This museum honors the legacy of ranching and rodeo in Southwestern New Mexico. The museum exhibits feature artifacts such as saddles, branding irons, photographs and more that tell stories about the people who lived and worked on the land here. There’s also a theater where visitors can watch movies about cowboys and rodeos from long ago.

2. Western Heritage Museum

Located in downtown Hobbs, this museum offers a glimpse into the history and culture of western New Mexico. Visitors can explore exhibits featuring cowboy art, Native American artifacts, early farming machinery, vintage military uniforms and much more! There are also interactive displays for kids to learn about life on the range. Near this location, you will get the best hotels in hobbs nm.

3. Maljamar Park

This park features several acres of lush green space with trails perfect for walking or biking through nature’s splendors including wildlife viewing areas where you can observe birds and other animals native to this area in their natural habitat. There is also a playground for younger visitors along with a picnic area for lunchtime snacking or socializing outdoors!

4. Eunice Lake

This lake is known as one of the best fishing spots in all of New Mexico! Anglers will find plenty of largemouth bass here along with bluegill, crappie and catfish waiting beneath its cool waters. The lake also offers swimming beaches ideal for cooling off during hot summer days plus plenty of open space perfect for picnicking under shady trees or taking part in outdoor games like volleyball or horseshoes!

5. Horsehead Theatre

Built in 1938 by local ranchers as an entertainment place during the World War II era, this theater still stands today providing quality live performances featuring local talent as well as traveling acts from around the world! Whether it’s comedy shows or musicals you’re after there’s something here that’ll be sure to entertain everyone from children up through adults alike!

6. Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site

Located on two thousand acres near Carlsbad Caverns National Park, this state park features stunning views along hiking trails that weave through canyon walls richly adorned by ancient petroglyphs left behind by ancestors centuries ago! There are guided tours available at certain times throughout the year too which provide insight into these ancient civilizations while offering memorable sights such as rare plants growing among natural rock formations only found here!

7. Hobbs Municipal Golf Course

This 18-hole golf course offers some challenging terrain including sand traps that make it fun even for those just starting out playing golf while experienced players will appreciate its fairways lined with mature trees providing shade from hot summer sun rays! It even features a driving range if you need practice before hitting greens plus lessons available so novices can learn how to play properly too!

8. Midtown Shopping Center

For shoppers looking for unique finds then look no further than Midtown Shopping Center located downtown Hobbs which boasts over 60 shops ranging from boutique clothing stores selling apparel made locally all the way up through big box retailers such as Walmart Superstore carrying just about anything imaginable without ever having to leave city limits!

9. Zia Park Horse Racing Track & Casino

For those who enjoy gambling then Zia Park Horse Racing Track & Casino is definitely worth checking out especially if you love watching horse racing action on Saturdays during summer months when live races take place right on premises complete with full bar drinks food concessions plus simulcast wagering opportunities every day year round so there’s always something exciting happening at Zia Park whenever you decide drop by!!


With so many attractions waiting to be explored in Hobbs, NM there is no shortage of things to see and do when visiting this charming southwestern town located near Carlsbad Caverns National Park ! Whether it be experiencing historical sites like Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site or getting your shopping fix at Midtown Shopping Center – whatever activity tickles your fancy – chances are good that you’ll find it here among these 9 must-see attractions guaranteed to make your trip remarkable indeed ! So what are you waiting for? Come discover why Hobbs is such a popular destination today. If you’re searching for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hobbs, New Mexico, a trip to Los Angeles could be just what you need. This enchanting destination is a well-kept secret that boasts many accommodation options, perfect for travelers seeking a tranquil and secluded experience. Los Angeles presents an extensive array of lodgings, ensuring that every adventurer can discover suitable LAX hotels. Therefore, if you’re yearning to escape the frenetic pace of city life, consider planning a trip to Los Angeles.