Top 8 Reasons To Choose NodeJS For Web App Development

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Well, it is quite difficult to choose a single Tech stack for web app development. But most people believe in choosing Node.js for their web application development because of its cool features and amazing support of Javascript. Node.js web app development helps in maintaining efficiency in the development process. It is one of the most efficient backend JavaScript platforms for creating real-time web applications. First, let’s understand the concept of Node.js. And how much it costs to avail of NodeJS development services.

What is Node.JS?

It’s an open-source cross-platform with a Javascript run environment. Node is used for non-blocking, event-driven servers because of its single coding nature. It is responsible for developing apps that require a continuous connection from the browsers to the servers. It is used by developers for making real-time applications for businesses. The programming language Javascript V8 used on Node is responsible for transforming browser codes into machine codes. The biggest benefit of using Node.js is that it provides two ways uninterrupted communication between the client-side and server-side.

There are various reasons that it is the most preferred cross-platform for developers. Below mentioned are few reasons for it:

  • The outstanding support of Javascript and its unique features are the assets of Node.js
  • More than 43% of enterprise apps are developed on Node.js
  • More than 85% of developers use Node.js for web application development.

Through this data, you can simply analyze the value and benefit of the Node.js ross platform for web application development. If you are looking for customized options in web application development, then Node.js would be the best out of all. It offers various useful and innovative features that enhance the app functionality and makes the user’s experience better in all aspects.

What is NodeJS Used For?

Generally, Node.js is used for making applications with Javascript on both the front and back ends. It is mainly used to develop:

  • Web application development
  • Real-time chat apps
  • Data streaming apps
  • Embedded systems
  • Command-line apps
  • Microservices
  • Games hardware programming etc.

Here are the top reasons why you go for NodeJS:

Many big companies have used Node.js cross-platform for their web application development like LinkedIn had chosen Node.js over Ruby because with Node.js it gets easy to handle a heavy workload. It also helps in reducing the number of servers up to a great extent. Let’s talk about the reasons to choose only Node.js for web application development.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Node.JS is one of the most used and effective programming platforms used by the developer’s community. As compared to other languages it requires less coding. With the Node.js cross-app platform, it gets easy to merge front-end and back-end teams, which is fruitful in terms of bringing efficiency to the web app development process.


It runs on a V8 engine which ensures ultra-high computation speed. Node.js is the best option for enterprises and big organizations that requires easy and scalable web applications. IT helps in bringing web traffic across your website pages. Node.js uses microservices by partly dividing the applications into finer processes.

Real-Time Web App Development

This cross-platform is very helpful for developers who handle work pressure daily and want to ease their work. Here, it is easy to develop gaming applications and messengers in less time.Node.js have the most insightful features when it comes to developing real-time web applications. Building real-time apps help developers in engaging website traffic.

Allow Single Codebase

Node.JS cross-platform allows developers to use a single codebase to develop applications. It eliminates the requirement of complex coding and makes the coding process easy. With Node.js, developers use script language for both the client-side and server-side. But most IT companies find it difficult to work on a single codebase as they prefer to use multiple programming languages to develop intuitive apps.


Node.js for web app development is a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs and big organizations because less computing power is needed to host this cross-platform. It is faster than other development frameworks that’s why it reduces the development cost by more than 50%.

SEO Friendly

SEO plays a major role when it comes to the success of a particular app. Also, it matters the most in web application development because no one wants to lose in the race of SEO ranking. It helps in increasing the engagement and visibility of a website page that helps in ranking the page. Apart from this Node.js helps in improving SEO strategies by providing relevant support to developers in developing applications.

Long Term Support

Node.js doesn’t upgrade its features very frequently like other cross platforms. Most developers find it complicated to cope up with the latest updated features. Developers prefer to have long-term support for the web app, that’s why they found Node.js the best among all. Security updates and bug fixing are looked at by their development team, which is an additional benefit of using it.

Enables Easier Data Streaming

App development is not a cup of tea, a lot of effort and focus are required. High input and output management play a major role in successful software development, which can get, through the Node.js platform. But, it is not easy to work on frameworks that find HTTP requests as a whole data object. NodeJS gives leverage to manage I/O procedures efficiently. Apps built on Node.js are called upload on servers which allow users to transcode files while uploading.


The above mentioned are few reasons that make NodeJS the best in terms of web app development. Most business owners and start-ups look for Node.js web application services to increase website traffic. It is a cost-effective method of developing applications in less time, and it even ensures profitable results.