8 Mistakes to Avoid in a Small Bedroom Space

white italian marble
white italian marble

Turning a small space into a spacious one can be a big task if you are not a minimalist. Whether it is your hallway, living room, kitchen, or bedroom: cluttering the space is never a good idea. When you pick the wrong elements (dark tiles, heavy furniture, accent walls), the area will look cramped. White Italian marble, for instance, is the best choice to spruce up your small bedroom.

The concept of an ideal bedroom includes having a bed set, a wardrobe, and a dresser. In the same way, all the decorative items solely depend on the given space. So, if you have a small bedroom space, you might want to consider some common mistakes to avoid. It will help you do the interior in the best way possible.

Here is the checklist to follow if you wish to plan your bedroom interior yourself.

  1. Do not overuse the small space
  2. Save some storage space
  3. Watch out when over-furnishing
  4. Using too much artwork
  5. No dark colors!
  6. Use white Italian marble 
  7. Keep it comfortable
  8. Plan your budget

Do not overuse the small space:

Who does not want to decorate their bedrooms? It is personal and essential. But, overusing a small living space is not a good idea at all. Wanting to have too many things and then cluttering the room will make it look much smaller. So, it is time to rethink all the stuff you want to bring into your room. Keep in mind that your personal space should only have two decorative choices.

Save some storage space:

Whether you have enough space or not: storage units are vital factors. Trying to please everyone! Well, do not forget to add some storage space. In this case, built-in storage beds or racks are perfect to avoid any blunder. First, remove the clutter to know how much space you have and then use storage boxes. Believe me; you will be amazed to know how spacious your bedroom can look.

Watch out when over-furnishing:

Over furnishing is another big mistake that most people make. Understandably, you like trendy furniture. However, adding many wooden pieces in a small room or studio apartment is worse. So, a small bedroom should only have a comfy bed, mattress, a wardrobe, a dresser, and an armchair (if you have space). Also, place your mattress opposite the closet. 

Using too much artwork:

No doubt, images, and frames can spruce up your bedroom area. But, using too much artwork makes the room look much congested. So, it is best to keep the artwork for the living area. However, you can use one stunning piece of artwork just above your bed crown. If you have many family and friend images, hang them on one wall and create a memory lane.

No dark colors!

Remember that dark colors do not work in any small space. Typically, a bedroom only looks bright and comfy if it has enough light and less clutter. Moreover, dark tones make the room look small. Since we aim at modifying the bedroom, go for light shades. Use white, beige, or other pastel colors for walls and floor tiles. Or use darker furniture or wallpaper to contrast.

Use white Italian marble:

Your floor tiles can make a difference in your bedroom. So, choose the floor type wisely in terms of making the space look bigger than it is. white Italian marblefor example, is the best choice to keep it elegant and spacious. So it is very beneficial as a kitchen floor tiles. Its white base and the gold veining pattern will spruce up your place and give the feel of spaciousness. Also, using extra lighting or open windows can brighten up the room.

Keep it comfortable:

Coming into the room and finding it crowded will take all the charm away. So, make your space comfortable while designing your small bedroom space. Well, it is easy! First of all, avoid collecting too much stuff for your room. Instead, go for things like wall hangers, a good smelling scent, and above all, a soft mattress. Plus, a book rack will give it a personal touch. So, read, sleep and feel good!

Plan your budget:

This checklist is incomplete without a budget planner. Not planning your expenses will give you a hard time later. So, it is better not to overspend on silly things and focus on the essentials. And use your well-preserved items to decorate your bedroom. Also, search for a few items on sale.  


That’s a wrap! This post contains the eight mistakes to avoid while decorating your small bedroom space. Look at the checklist and try to avoid the blunders like using too much artwork and dark colors. Instead, go for best white italian marble floor tiles to brighten up the space. And spend on a good mattress rather than overspending on other decorations. Save your time by checking out Nesttile.com.