8 important things to know when availing of a pick and drop facility online


Are you looking for a pickupand drop facility in Ahmedabad?

Do you have to send some items to your relative’s house? With the advent of the internet, such types of online pick and drop agencies are providing services and demands as it seems are on the rise.

So, what are some of the important things that you have to keep in mind when choosing such a pick and drop facility?

Let’s find out…

What items can be sent?

The first thing that will come to your mind is what types of items can be sent using this pick and drop servicing agency? Can it deliver retail home items? Can it deliver fragile items?

Will it be able to deliver heavyweight items for example furniture.

Try to find out the maximum weight capacity per order.

Also, remember that the more the weight of your package the higher will be the charges.

What is the delivery time taken?

Of course, time of delivery is important when it comes to any door to door pickup and delivery in Ahmedabad.

Sometimes you might be interested in sending perishable food items or on other occasions, you might need to send emergency items such as medicines or life-saving equipment.

Can the agency provide the service delivery such items in time?

Find out what is the time taken for intracity deliveries, intrastate deliveries, and interstate deliveries.

Can it handle interstate orders or even international orders?

There are only a few pickup and drop services in Ahmedabad that might help you with international deliveries.

The reason is simple as the agency itself does not have such far-reaching business and its delivery partners and services are mostly located in the cities or throughout the country.

The other thing is with international deliveries come in custom duties which is often a burden for such agencies.

What is the cost?

Or course cost is the biggest factor. You would love to compare prices online for such pick-up and delivery services in Ahmedabad


So what is the cost of the item that you need to deliver? Is it based on the weight? There are generally charges of various heads such as service charges, delivery charges, local courier charges, customs duty for international orders, taxes, insurance cover, and so on.

Check out under individual sectional heads on what is the total charge that you have to pay.

Is there any service for sending under emergency?

Emergency delivery service is mostly provided by some agencies.

In such cases, there are separate charges which are generally higher than normal pick and delivery charges.

Also, there might only be some selective items and goods such as medicines or medical items that can be sent with emergency orders.

You need to be aware of all these and also the time istaken for an emergency delivery.

How do I track the package?

Once you have made the order, the payment, and the order is picked up from your home or office you are surely wondering to track the progress of the package. Find out whether you can live track your package when it is in transit.

Understanding the payment procedures…

Payment procedures for such pick and drop facilities in Ahmedabad are generally online.

But some of the agencies may also accept cash during pick up.

Find out about the options of payment and find out your preferable mode of payment before proceeding on with the final confirmation of your order.