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Christopher Nolan’s latest film about the Battle of Dunkirk has probably already received as many reviews as there are British soldiers waiting to be evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk. You can watch Dunkirk movie online on 7starhd in HD quality.

7starhd War in the strictest sense of the word

A great many. Though in the strict sense it was not a battle, a massive logistical operation to bring British troops back into the UK. It is not clear to military strategists and analysts whether this operation had any impact on the course of World War II.

There were inexplicable mistakes

In my opinion, the German commanders made incomprehensible mistakes. Fortunately, sauerkraut is not my favorite food, because it is not my favorite food.

It was a breathtaking sight on 7starhd

This was not a chapter in a horrible world war, where heroic battles were fought. It was a bold choice, but a breathtaking performance nonetheless. To say it was the “movie of the year” is an exaggeration (this film is a masterpiece).


Points for saving your skin

However, Nolan has managed to create an energetic and exciting film that intertwines three different stories in a non-chronological manner. Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) is one of the key characters, who must protect his skin from being shot through by German bullets right from the start.

Who is it that is trying to sink as many ships as possible?

He seemed to be going through one life crisis after another in the movie. Then Farrier (Tom Hardy), one of the three Spitfire pilots, hunts down the angry German fighters and bombers who are trying to sink as many ships as possible by keeping them from flying over the troops.

It all takes place elsewhere

Finally, Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance) takes his sons Peter (Tom Glynn-Kearney) and George (Barry Keegan) across the strait in an ordinary yacht to help rescue the soldiers. Nolan’s film thus consists of three distinct chapters, each set in a different region.

Almost wordless action

On land, at sea, and in the air. The first thing that strikes me is the almost wordless acting. Tommy, in particular, keeps his mouth shut for almost the entire film. In this war, all conversation is superfluous; it’s as if body language is doing the talking. Much of the dialogue is at the expense of the pilot and commander.

There is also the effect of deafening noise

Unfortunately, the conversations between Spitfire pilots sometimes turn into unintelligible and incoherent mumbles. It’s partly due to the grating sound effects (which is a minor drawback if you’re watching this film in a Slovenian cinema where subtitles are hard to read). And that leads us to the soundtrack. It is omnipresent and, if you ask me, essential.

In the Midst of War

Hans Zimmer’s music energizes the entire film as if it were always present. Sometimes it is subtly in the background and other times it builds up to a climax. It’s safe to say that this is the first time a soundtrack has grabbed my attention and moved me. The same goes for the deafening sound effects 7starhd, which at times made me feel as if I was in the middle of a war.

The way everything is presented is also uncommon

Falling “Stukas” and the ashes of death being thrown out onto the land with that horrible screeching sound. At times, I wanted to squirm deeper into my chair. Also, the way everything is presented is phenomenal. For me, the dogfights are the highlight of this fascinating 9kmovies film.

The sense of desperation that radiates from the screen

The huge shot of the beach with thousands of allies crowded together like sardines in a barrel. The fear of death. Feeling claustrophobic and insecure, as if you are trapped in a precarious situation. A sense of hopelessness emanates from the screen.

It’s an impossible task

Thousands of allies can practically see their hiding place, but they know getting it is impossible. Like Saving Private Ryan, this is an epic war story on 7starhd. Only the first one was more brutal and depicted the horrors of World War II in a gruesome way.

It was a defeat that later led to victory

That’s why I keep imagining some of the scenes in this Spielberg series. I’m afraid this will not be the case with Dunkirk. The fact that it was a defeat that later led to victory is indisputable. Yet I had this feeling, “That’s it? Then.

I found that final decision

It was undoubtedly a traumatic experience for thousands of allies, but the obligatory moment of joy as apotheosis was all too predictable. And I still wonder why Farrier ultimately made the decision he did. No matter how rational his previous actions were, this final decision seemed just as stupid.

The movie deserves to be the movie of the year

Dunkirk will probably win awards at major film festivals, but I fear that the top awards will go to others. Hopefully, there will be films in the next six months that deserve to be called “film of the year.”