7 Ways A Perfect Formal Shirt Can Make You Invincible


Invincibility may not exist in the real world but that does not mean we should stop striving towards that amazing feeling of being energized, driven, and fearless. After all, having a strong belief in ourselves helps to develop a positive attitude and to achieve anything we wish for in life. Which is why we should use every resource available to us to feel awesome day after day.

Of all these resources, clothes are by far the easiest way to influence our mood. What we wear inevitably affects how we see ourselves as found in a study by the University of Hertfordshire. The study found that when students wore superman T-shirts rated themselves as stronger, more likeable, and superior to other students. This shows that we become what we wear, making what we wear to work an important decision each morning.

Power of the Perfect Formal Shirt

A classic women’s formal shirt is the perfect pick for your office outfits. It has the ability to elevate any look and make it immediately put together and professional. It also proves that dressing to impress doesn’t need to be complicated or require much effort.

The formal shirt is a powerful wardrobe staple but only if it is done right. You don’t want it to look acceptable or even good. You want it to look sensational and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. If you want the shirt to make you feel invincible, you need to find one that is perfect in every respect. It should fit you well and suit your body type, it should be made of quality fabric and it should look crisp and stylish.

A formal shirt that fills all these requirements may not be easy to find but once you have it, it is guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks and to make you invincible in several ways.

Looking Flawless Lifts Your Mood

One of the most important upsides of wearing a perfect formal shirt is that it boosts your mood. You’ll have the benefit of starting the day off well because you won’t be worried about looking good and being appropriately dressed. 

Psychologist Sharon Draper explains: “Our clothing choices can absolutely affect our wellbeing. When we wear ill-fitting clothes, or feel over- or underdressed for an event, it’s natural to feel self-conscious or even stressed. Conversely, opting for clothes that fit well and align with your sense of style can improve your confidence.”

Your Formal Shirt Makes You Feel Confident

If you have ever put on a dress shirt that fits you like a glove and looked in the mirror as you buttoned it up, you’ll know that clothes you wear have an undeniable effect on the way you feel. Wearing a well-fitting shirt makes you stand taller and carry yourself with pride. When you look and feel your best, it improves your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Professor Carolyn Mair PhD, a behavioral psychologist and author of the Psychology of Fashion has said: “When we feel good in what we are wearing, we tend to be more confident. What we wear is how we show ourselves to those we interact with – we are influenced by their reaction to it. If we are well received, it boosts our confidence and can ultimately affect our wellbeing.”

Putting on a formal shirt may not solve all your problems, but it can definitely make you feel like you can conquer them.

Clothes Can Increase Your Productivity and Creativity

Dressing for success can make you more productive. When you dress to impress and you feel good, then you are more in the mindset to achieve and do well in whatever it is you’re doing.

While it’s nice to have a dress-down day at work and to feel relaxed, dressing well and making the effort to look the part will increase your focus and help you to succeed.

Your Outfit Commands Respect

Your clothes tell a story about you. The image you choose to portray to others is a big reflection of your true self. Dressing well and presenting yourself right is already half the battle won, no matter what you are doing.

Your formal shirt has the power to exude to others an image of self-respect and self-worth. Showing that you came prepared for the occasion indicates to others that you are worthy of their time and respect.

Summing Up

We all want to be judged on our merits and not our clothing. However, how we present ourselves, does affect our professional capacity. It affects our mood. It affects our self-confidence. It affects how others perceive us and ultimately also our ability to be productive and get things done. Don’t underestimate the power of a good formal shirt . It may just be the productivity booster you need to reach the next level professionally.