7 Tips for Preventing Pipe Clogs

7 Tips for Preventing Pipe Clogs

The average American spends 24 hours a month, or one full day, doing chores and household tasks. One of the most undesirable tasks around the home is dealing with pipe clogs.

Clogs happen at inopportune times and are nasty, so removing pipe blockage can cause you to get elbow deep in some real grungy substances. Your best bet is preventing pipe clogs before they even happen.

But how can you stop clogged pipes before they become a problem for you? The answers lie within this useful guide.

Here we discuss seven tips for preventing pipe blockages. Read on to learn all you need to know about preserving the integrity of your home’s plumbing system.

1. Use Drain Protectors to Prevent Pipe Clogs

Drain protectors in your shower and sinks are one of the simplest tools to use in your fight against clogs. Things like hair and sand are two major culprits for producing shower clogs. A drain protector will catch these things and more.

Particulate food matter and things like coffee grounds in your sink drain can clog it easily. With a drain protector, all of these food wastes get caught in the protector and can be removed easily.

2. Know What You Can Flush

The only thing you should flush down your toilet is toilet paper. Flushing things like sanitary wipes or floss only leads to draining issues. This is particularly true if your building has old pipes.

3. Upgrade Your Plumbing System

If your building or home gets constant clogs, it could be due to a dated plumbing system. Old pipes get corroded and leak. They are also more prone to clogs.

Replace your old system before the clogs get worse.

4. Conduct Regular Pipe Maintenance

Every so often, you need to clean and snake out your pipes. You also should get them inspected and conduct regular maintenance.

You will notice problem areas when inspecting them and can abate clogs before they begin.

5. Use Drain Chemicals

If you notice a clog starting to develop, you can jump on it early with drain chemicals and nip it in the bud. Using special products, such as Drain-O, before a clog gets worse can be a major saving grace.

6. Know How to Use a Drain Snake

If you have an older plumbing system, you may not want to corrode it with drain chemicals.

However, you can still use a drain snake to prevent clogs and bust up clogs that do form. Have one handy at all times.

7. Get the Right Equipment for Your Drains

Your kitchen sink should have a garbage disposal to pulverize any food waste before sending it down the drain.

Think about getting a super shredder as well for other areas of your home to take the load off your plumbing system.

Prevent and Handle Your Clogs

Nobody likes dealing with pipe clogs, but they are an unfortunate part of everyday life. If you want to minimize the number of clogs in your pipes, you need to take appropriate action.

Put into practice the 7 pieces of practical clog-busting advice in this guide. For all your other important news and information about caring for the home, and a ton of other subjects, make sure to take a look at the rest of our website.