7 Study Tips to extend Your Score


There square measure four sections that compose IELTS Pakistan the IELTS tutorial and General tests: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The Writing section is that the third you’ll complete and is split into 2 separate however similar tasks. just like the Reading section, IELTS Writing differs reckoning on whether or not you’re taking the IELTS tutorial or General check.Unfortunately, the Writing section will gift a challenge to several IELTS check takers. the great news is there’s loads you’ll do to arrange yourself before time. to assist you start, we’re sharing seven tips which will assist you get a high score.But before we tend to get thereto, let’s break down a number of the variations between the tutorial and General Writing tests.

Complete Writing Task two 1st
IELTS Writing Task two is that the same on each the tutorial and General checks and plenty of notice it easier than Task one—especially writers of the tutorial test. confine mind that Task two is weighted heavier, e.g., value a lot of marks, than Task 1. It additionally takes longer to complete. For these reasons, it’s best to not solely devote longer to Task two, however to complete it 1st.The reason being is that you just don’t need to urge stuck on Task one and solely leave yourself twenty minutes more or less to frantically complete Task two. IELTS recommends outlay forty minutes on Task two and concerning twenty minutes on Task one. whereas this can be an honest rule of thumb to follow, forever use your own judgment. Don’t get too adorned au fait projected to those actual time limits—just certify you don’t devote longer to Task one than you wish to.

  1. Avoid Informal Writing
    This tip applies primarily to the tutorial check, however is very important to stay in mind for the final check further. whereas your answers don’t have to be compelled to be formal modish on the final check (unless you select to jot down a proper letter, of course), it’s best to avoid bound informal writing practices. as an example, avoid exploitation abbreviations—always write out the complete word. Also, avoid writing within the 1st or second person—I, me, you—unless taught to try to to therefore.

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  1. Watch Your Word Count!
    One of the foremost difficult aspects of the IELTS Writing A1 exam check is touching the assigned word count. Contrary to in style belief, a smaller word count will really be a lot of of a challenge than a bigger one. a lot of words mean more room to flesh out your thoughts, however the IELTS check solely permits one hundred fifty words for Task one and two50 words for Task 2.That being aforesaid, it’s still vital to create positive you write enough. If you write deficient, your band score is also reduced. On the opposite hand, you’ll go a touch over the word count while not being penalised. IELTS uses a word count to check whether or not you’ll make a case for your thoughts clearly and compactly. simply bear in mind that it’s quality over amount and you’ll be fine.

Tip: whereas you aren’t expected to count each single word you’ve written, you’ll get a rough plan of your word count by knowing before what number words you usually compose one line. this provides you AN approximate indication of what number lines of text you’ll got to write to hit one hundred fifty and 250 words.

  1. perceive the Marking Criteria
    Writing is tough to assess as a result of it’s quite subjective. As such, the IELTS Writing band isn’t marked supported right and wrong answers. Instead, the marking criteria square measure as follows:
  2. Task Response (25%)—Measures however fitly, accurately, and relevantly your response fulfills the task necessities.
  3. Coherence and Cohesion (25%)—Assesses the clarity and fluency of your response. check scorers square measure trying to find however well your response organizes and links data, ideas, and language.
  4. Vocabulary (25%)—Looks at the vary of your vocabulary and the way well your word usage adheres to the precise task.
  5. Grammar (25%)—Looks at the vary and accuracy of your synchronic linguistics.
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  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!
    The only thanks to improve your writing is to stay at it. think about discovering some observe check books and take as several observe checks as you’ll before sitting for the particular IELTS tutorial or General test. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS may be a nice study resource, because it contains eight official observe tests and a piecemeal guide for every section. this may assist you apprehend specifically what reasonably queries you’ll expect once it comes time to try to to the important issue.

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  1. Paraphrase, Don’t Copy
    You should avoid repetition any a part of the question OET Pakistan literal into your response for either Task one or two. If you wish to use a part of the question in your response, inform illustrate a degree, make certain to place it into your own words. make certain to require it slow to find out the way to properly paraphrase well before of taking the IELTS tutorial or General check.
  2. certify you’re really responsive the Question
    When below a strict closing date, it’s only too simple to become anxious and lose focus. certify you perceive the particular question that’s being asked before you place pen to paper. Organizing your thoughts before you even write a word can assist you craft a response that’s bound to impress.