7 Reasons in Favor of Samsung Mobile Phones are the Best Gaming Devices?


A study found that about 90% of people plan to stick with the same brand when choosing their next smartphone. Customers are usually reluctant to change since mobile devices have become such a significant part of our professional and social life. 

People also believe that switching all of their apps, subscriptions, contacts, files, and images will cause chaos. But let us tell you that it is not true when we are talking about a Samsung mobile phone. Upgrade your old phone to Samsung mobile on EMI and enjoy a premium gaming experience for reasons like:

Multitasking becomes easier

Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung users have long placed multitasking capabilities at the top of the list of reasons they prefer Galaxy devices. Galaxy devices come with sharp, expansive screens to give users a variety of options for working across multiple apps. For instance, launching two or even three apps in a split screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is as simple as sliding left to reveal the Edge Panel and choosing an App Pair. Therefore, take breaks while working by gaming with the split screen feature. Additionally, while using apps, the new taskbar in Z Fold4 is also displayed at the bottom of the display.

Long-lasting battery

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

One of the primary needs of a gamer is that one shouldn’t have to worry about Samsung mobile phone battery dying throughout the day. Pausing in between games just because the battery has run out can be disastrous with Fast Charging, which draws up to 45 watts of power when plugged in and provides hours of battery in just minutes. 

The most recent Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, available on mobiles on EMI, takes care of these worries. Additionally, an adaptive power-saving mode minimizes the programs and ensures several days of battery life without charging.

A premium quality camera

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Believe it or not, most games these days require using the camera. And that is why a good camera is also a need for gamers. Samsung Galaxy devices have a range of camera configurations, all of which are designed to help even the most amateur photographer take amazing shots. 

The camera app includes a powerful editor, so you can edit photos and videos directly on the device. Portrait Mode allows you to adjust background blur. And large sensors mean you can take great photos in dim lighting. If you’re looking for sheer image quality, Galaxy S22 Ultra allows you to capture photos in 108MP resolution and video in 8K. This enables you to game in high quality and flaunt your camera wherever you go.

A Smooth Connectivity

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Perhaps the most important feature for a gamer is connectivity. Apps and games can now run faster and with reduced latency thanks to developments in network technology like 5G. 

Even if your mobile provider doesn’t currently provide 5G in your area, having a super-fast Samsung mobile phone is. The Galaxy Tab S8 with 5G capabilities means you’ll be ready to download bigger games, run them seamlessly for hours, and enjoy many other advantages in the future.

A Firm Build

Samsung Z Flip 4

Ensure that your new Samsung mobile phone which you buy has a firm build. The design is also important because gaming requires handling them in hand, which can lead to many accidents with the device. And thankfully, in Bajaj Mall, you will find a lot of options of mobiles on emi to choose from to suit your purpose. 

The all-new Samsung Z Flip 4 is a small but mighty device when folded. It is compact enough to fit in your palm but leaves a big impression with sleek, hazy colors that match your vibe.

Customization features

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G 

A lesser-known requirement for gamers is the ability to customize their devices. Sometimes they might need low brightness with louder audio or vice versa, as the game requires. 

Personalize your Samsung mobile phone with the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G while gaming by organizing apps into folders, changing themes, and adding background images. You can also enable frequently used settings like brightness, Wi-Fi, and sound in the Quick Panel for more.

Memory and Storage

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Last but not least is the Samsung mobile phone’s memory and storage. It is only based on these, and one can decide how many games can be downloaded and stored, and run on the device. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 features an immense 8GB RAM, with an additional 256GB Internal memory which needs no explanation. Combined with the phone’s 5g connectivity, download and enjoy the heaviest games without disruptions.

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