7 Exclusive Long Hairstyles For Men To Sport


Having fuller and longer hair is a sign of good health. So, if you are someone having long hair, you are blessed heavily. Long hair has been considered attractive to women and is a sign of beauty and fertility. But what about men? Does long hair suit them? Of course, Yes! 

Earlier long hair is a thing among rock gods, skateboarders, pirates, and surfers who embrace their long hair. But nowadays, long hair is also becoming popular among modern men. They give you a classic and astounding look that defines your elegance and style. 

From a long-haired bun to sleazy mid-partition, there are many different hairstyles for men. But which one to choose that will fulfill your fashion goals? For this purpose, we are here presenting the top 7 best hairstyles for men for long hair that will add that oomph and charisma to your style. Keep scrolling and select the best hairstyle for you.

Twist-In Bun

Most long hairstyles are for men with a longer mane, but this goes well for those who are just starting to develop their long hair. In this one, your hair is parted, twisted, and tied into a small ponytail. Then the pony is twirled into a sleek bun. The tips sticking out will give a chilled-out vibe. This hairstyle is the perfect resemblance between simplicity and elegance.  This is particularly good hairstyle for fitness, as you can get all of your hair out the way whilst still looking stylish.

Long Curls

For men with long and shiny curls, this hairstyle is a great one. The natural texture and volume of curly hair make it worth glorifying. This curly hairstyle for men is for those having a calm and relaxed style. All you have to do is to maintain your precious curls by conditioning them regularly but not excessively. 

Keep your hair well-maintained by keeping it frizz and tangle-free. For that, use moisture-rich hair products and naturally dry your hair since blow drying leads to frizz and damage. After then you can choose whether you want a mid-partition or swipe your hair back. 

Shoulder Length Side Part

This long hairstyle adds some maturity to a man’s carefree personality. In this, you have to sweep a large portion of hair to one side. Disheveled hair is so trendy nowadays, and so is this hairstyle. One brilliant thing about this hairstyle is that you can also sport it at a formal event. 

You can set your hair by using different hair styling products

Braid Bun Punk Hairstyle

It is a complicated style, but if done properly, the results are worth it. First, make a V-shape at the back of your hair through shaving. Then make an inverted French braid from the bottom to the upper side. On reaching the crown of your head, twist the braid into a chic bun. Have a lot of work, right? But once you have accomplished this hairstyle, it looks sexy as hell. 

Side-Swept Long Hair with Undercut

Have thick and wavy hair but don’t know how to style it? Let it fly freely with this side swept undercut. For messy and unkempt curls, this hairstyle is perfect. All you have to do is to sweep your hair from the top to one side. 

Use a hair mousse or other hair products to keep your hairstyle tidy and intact. With hair products, your hair will appear neat and textured rather than frizzy and untidy.

Half-Up Half-Down

A drop-dread combination of a man’s bun and loose hair is all you need to have. This hairstyle is one the most popular and sexy for men for a cool gent look. Just take the top third of your hair, tie it up in a ponytail and twirl it into a knot, letting the rest of your hair down. 

Keep in mind not to secure the bun too tightly and allow some movement. This hairstyle puts great emphasis on your jawline and neck. It also keeps your hair away from the face.  

Long Slick Back

If you have medium-long locks, this hairstyle is worth trying. It is an undo version of pony and bun and is easy to achieve. Use a medium hold gel and rake fingers through your clean hair to achieve a shiny look. 

For those with curly locks, sweep the front hair towards the back with the help of mousse or pomade. Whether you wear a tailored suit or casual streetwear, this hairstyle will always rock you.