7 easy tips to make nail strips and wraps last longer


Nail polish strips are more and more popular among nail art enthusiasts these days. So even if you don’t have an ounce of artistic ability or don’t want to spend time learning nail art, then nail polish strips will be a good choice for you.

Many people who have used nail polish strips have wondered why nail polish strips warp. Why do nail polish strips fall off easily? How to extend the life of nail polish strips? The main reason for nail polish strips is that they don’t do a great job of cleaning and waterproofing. That’s why today we will teach you 7 easy ways to extend the life of your nail polish strips.

1. Clean your hands.

In our daily life, our hands are exposed to many tasks, such as cleaning the house, cooking food, organizing the garden, and other things, so our fingers will come with a lot of dust, oil, and dirt. Many people do not clean the nail surface thoroughly before using the polish strips. Directly using the polish strips will cause the polish strips and the nail surface to not stick well enough, which will make them fall off easily.

Therefore, in order to prolong the life of nail polish strips, it is necessary to clean hands and nails well, ensure that the nail surface is free of dust and oil, and improve the adhesion of nail polish strips nails and pins.

2. Push the excess cuticle around the nail

In order for the polish strips to adhere completely to the nail, you can push back the excess cuticle around the nail to ensure that the polish strips do not adhere to the cuticle, making it unattractive and non-waterproof.

3. Choose the size of sticker suitable for your nails.

Please choose the appropriate size nail polish strip, not too large, to ensure that the nail sticker does not exceed the size of the nail, to prevent the sticker into the cuticle around the nail, resulting in a gap relatively large around the nail sticker. Generally, the nail polish strips are slightly smaller than the nail area, 1mm away from the cuticle, so that when you apply the nail polish seal coat later, it can completely seal the gap around of nail polish strips, which is also an important skill to extend the shelf life.

4. Press the nail sticker evenly

Press the nail sticker properly to expel excess air and check the entire sticker to make sure there are no bumps, wrinkles or warped corners.

5. Use the nail file correctly

Many people use the nail file at a vertical 90-degree angle to remove excess polish strips, which can lead to uneven nail edges. Therefore, the correct way to use a nail file is to tilt it down at a 45-degree angle, smoothing the ends of the nails from top to bottom and removing any excess strips.

6. Use a hair dryer

In winter, the nail sticker will not be enough to stick, so you can use the hot air of the hair dryer to heat it properly and improve the stickiness of the nail sticker. If the weather is hot, then this link can be skipped.

7. Choose the right brand

Premium brand nail polish strips are made of high-quality materials that enhance the strength of nail polish strips and ensure they are harmless to humans.

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