7 Best Online Trading Courses In Australia In 2022


Finding the best trading course in Australia may be difficult without proper guidance. If you’re looking to become a trader, this article is all you need to read.  

Here we have expounded on the best online trading courses in Australia that you can use to amass wealth in 2022. Read on. 



When you talk about the home of Australia’s financial markets, ASX comes to mind. That’s why ASX is one of the best places where you can get top-notch trading information. To this end, ASX provides a couple of free courses for Australian investors like you. If you’re thinking about learning how to trade Shares, Bonds, Options, ETFs, and ETPs, then ASX got you covered.  

The courses are separated into different topics and modules. Also, all the basics are touched on in each course to get you into the trading mood faster than you think. They also come in PDF format, so you can download them to learn at your pace.  

ASA Stock Market Course 

The Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) is passionate about seeing more profitable investors emerge. So, if you need one of the best online trading courses in Australia, check out their videos. The association has prepared two videos titled: “Investing in Shares 10” and “Stock Market Course.” These video courses cover a broad range of subjects and can get you in the know about share trading in no time. The topics treated include: 

  • Selecting stocks 
  • Money management 
  • Investment strategies 
  • Fundamental and Technical analysis 
  • Managing risk 
  • Investment psychology  

Investing in the shares 101 course costs $149 to non-members of the association, while the first module of the Stock Market course is free. However, access to the other materials will require being a member of ASA.  


InvestSmart Boot Camp 

This boot camp was designed by remarkable trading experts. The goal was simply to help investors like you refine their decision-making process. Profitable trading demands making the right decisions all the time. This course comes in six modules and costs $49.50. Each of the modules is titled as 

  • Planning 
  • Diversification 
  • Vehicles 
  • Strategies 
  • Psychology 
  • Next steps 

The good thing about the course is that you can take it while sipping a cup of tea on your couch. It’s totally at your pace. However, you can’t exceed the three-month mark. You must also be a part of renowned experts’ weekly webinars and online trading support. 


This is an online learning platform where course creators are connected to students. There are tons of stock trading courses that you can peruse on Udemy to get started. By all means, you can get one of the best trading courses in Australia there. Udemy’s course aims to help stock traders and investors trade stocks with the right strategy. The basics are well covered, and technical analysis is not left out. If you’re looking to learn day trading of stocks, Udemy’s course is a go-to resource. 

Wealth Within 

This online platform offers four courses on trading shares. The course is named: 

  • Trading Mentor Course 
  • Diploma of Share Trading and Investment 
  • Short Course in Share Trading 
  • Forex Trading Course 
  • Advanced Trading Strategies Course 

Each of the courses is unique in content and delivery. The difference lies in how in-depth they are and the type of investment products treated.  

If you want to learn how to: 

  • use investment strategies to choose the best stocks to trade at any given time, 
  • analyze the market with increased confidence, 
  • minimize risk and maximize profits, then this is your go-to online trading course in Australia. 

This is a good course for you if you’re just joining the game. Also, if you’re already a professional in another ecosystem, you can take this course to redefine your focus on finance and investments.  


Investopedia Academy 

This platform takes pride in being the primary go-to resource for all your investment knowledge. No wonder; they have well over 35 online investment courses to offer. The topic spans a broad range of subjects around the investment and finance niche. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an expert; there’s a course that will suit your needs on Investopedia. If you’re new to trading, you can try out their course titled “Investing for Beginners.” 

The course comes with a price tag of $199 and has 78 modules. The good part is that you have lifetime access to the course after that one-time payment.  


Morningstar: Online Investment Classroom 

Are you searching for a free but excellent online trading course in Australia? Then you should consider Morningstar’s Investment Classroom. However, it is the basic membership that is free. If you choose to become a member, you’ll have access to relevant investment news and information. The clause here is that their articles may be relevant to the US markets. Therefore, this is a platform suitable for Australian investors with massive interests in the US markets.  


Trading requires knowledge and accurate information. And the best way to get those is to take an online course. You leverage the flexibility and ease it affords, and right there in the corner of your room, you can commence your journey to profitable trading. We have expanded on the best online trading course in Australia based on our research. Feel free to start with any one of them.