7 Beauty Tips for Low Maintenance Business Women


People who say that beauty is expensive and tedious are either don’t know what they’re talking about or trying to sell something. It is a fact for all women that making yourself look beautiful can be cheap and easy.

If you consider yourself a “low maintenance businesswoman”, then I have 7 awesome beauty tips for you. These tips will definitely help you cut down on expenses and time that otherwise you’d spend on applying makeup and other things. Get ready, because these tips will change your life. For more, visit Sense of Beauty.

1. Lift your eyelashes

Your eyelashes are magical; with a simple touch, they can change your entire face. Therefore, it is always worth looking after your eyelashes, whether with a lash curler or paying for affordable lash-lifting treatment. Lash curling is my favorite because of how easy and quick it is. It is the one routine that every woman should do and even makeup artists believe that the routine is a must-have.

2. Pull your hair into a low pony

If your hair is a bit long, you can try this simple trick to make your hairstyle looks much cooler. Believe it or not many people think that a low pony is both stylish and has the “I woke up like this” vibe. You can do it the easy way of just using a hair elastic to tie your hair, or you can do the long way by applying dry texturizing spray to the roots of your hair first. Either way, you can have a stylish ponytail in minutes.

3. Beach waves overnight

If you want to get beach waves ready in the morning, there’s a special way to do it. Before you go to sleep, prepare your hair and don’t forget to get a roll of paper towel. So, the trick is by rolling your hair and use the paper towel to tie your hair in place. You can add paper clips to make sure your hair won’t move. And that’s it, you’ll get beach waves after you wake up.

4. Wear a hat

A cute hat can improve your look without spending too much time at all. Find a hat that flatters your hairstyle, face shape, and your outfit of the day. A great hat is perfect when you’re too lazy to style your hair or when you’re planning to skip washing that day.

Determine what kind of hat that you want to wear. Is the hat for special occasions? Or perhaps the hat is for skin protection or fashion purposes? If you wear the right hat while going out, you will look great even without makeup.

5. Switch makeup with skincare

This is probably the best way to look your best with minimal effort. Especially during lockdowns when you can’t go out much anyway. By focusing more on getting skincare products and taking care of your skin, you’ll look so much better even with minimal makeup. Luxury makeup products are a thing of the past – if you haven’t invested yourself in skincare, you should do it now.

6. Air drying your hair

Who doesn’t love air-drying their hair? It is easy, healthy for the hair, and can be done without all the prep work. To get the best result, make sure you follow these additional tips: use a super absorbent towel, don’t rub your hair too much, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb, and once your hair is dry, avoid touching it too much with your hands.

7. Invest in products that can do many things

Many women are using products that can only do one thing. This forces them to put multiple layers of lotions and potions on their skins. But this isn’t healthy at all, layering many products can clog your pores and lead to irritation.

The key is to invest in products that can streamline your routine. This way you’ll save time and money while not torturing your skin. There are plenty of products that can do this. So, pick a product that has moisturizer, tinted coverage, and SPF to be more efficient and keep your skin healthy.

Low maintenance is the way to go

Being low maintenance has many benefits for women everywhere. It’s proof that you care about what actually matters and know the best way to be beautiful. Not to mention that being free of makeup can be very liberating and feel good.