6 Ways to Save Space in a Small Nursery


Not all parents have the luxury of a spacious nursery for their children. When you have a smaller nursery, fear not– we are here to help you make the most of every nook and cranny in it! Here is our list of six great ways of saving space in a small nursery!

1. Use a Wood Crib with Changing Table
Opting for pieces of furniture that multitask is one of the best decisions you can make when you have a relatively small nursery. One fine example of such a piece of furniture is a wood crib with changing table.

A wooden crib that also contains a changing table makes your life significantly easier in terms of transporting your little one from one to the other but also in saving you ample space. Plus, a wood crib with changing table is exceptionally durable due to its materials and construction.

2. Consider a Corner Changing Table
If you’d rather have the changing table separate from the crib, that’s not a problem because you can then choose a corner changing table instead! These types of changing tables fit seamlessly in the corner of any room, providing an innocuous furniture item that saves you a whole lot of space!

3. Purchase a Changing Table with a Section for a Hamper/Garbage
Along the theme of furniture pieces that are essentially two-for-ones, you should also be on the look out for changing tables that come with a special area for a hamper and/or garbage. Not only will this make your changing experience exponentially easier, but it will also save you the aggravation of adding yet another bulky item to your nursery.

4. Use Your Walls for Decorations and Vital Items!
Your walls can do more for you than simply add color to your nursery. You can use your walls to hold a vast amount of vital items, like towels, diapers, toys, and plenty more! You can install hooks or rods to attach various organizational tools too, such as baskets.

These will provide you with several benefits, such as saved space, improved organization (which is key for all parents), unique decorations, and a convenient location for all the things you need in the baby room!

5. Use the Closet Door to Your Advantage
Don’t forget to use the closet door to your advantage! You can hang hooks, plastic organizers, and other elements to seriously ramp up your organization all the while saving major space.

6. Try a Portable Rocker
Nearly all parents love rockers and gliders for rocking their babies to sleep while feeding them or reading to them. However, these pieces of furniture are undeniably cumbersome and quite large, making them rather unideal for those with a smaller nursery.

In that case, give a portable rocker a shot! You can not only take it with you when needed, but it will not take up much space in your own nursery!

Now that you know how to save space in your baby’s room, it’s time to find the items to make it all happen. Head on over to Kids N Cribs where they take your kids and their cribs (and so much more) seriously! They only offer the highest quality products for you and your family, so give them a call today at (925) 778-2229!

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