6 Ways to De-Stress Before You Say “I Do”


The Anxiety is Real.

Well, at least for the nearlyweds out there. It is normal to feel stressed out and anxious weeks before your special day. 

There is the constant pressure of making sure every single detail on the day of your wedding is perfect. You have to endure countless (unsolicited) opinions from relatives and friends, make last-minute changes for basically any key detail in your wedding theme that couldn’t go according to plan.

But, should you let the pressure get to your head? The clear answer is no. Admit it—some things and details are simply out of your control. Obsessing these changes will not help. When things start to seem in disarray and you find yourself overwhelmed, it’s alright to sit down and acknowledge the intense emotions you are experiencing.

As you slow down, take that opportunity to realign your thoughts and calm your emotions.

Better yet, try different ways to relax and find your zen as you countdown the days to your matrimonial union.

To make it easier for you and your beau, here are some expert-recommended ways to de-stress and unwind before your wedding ceremony:

Go for a swim

For the ladies, you can try swimming even with a period—that is, if you’re feeling pretty adventurous. Here’s a friendly tip: You should still wear a tampon even while you’re in the water. Yes, the pressure caused by submerging your body underwater can keep the blood from flowing out, but it will revert to normal once you step out of the pool and get back on land.

Swimming is nice cardio, and it easily makes you forget about your troubles. Also, it’s the perfect activity to do with your friends on a warm afternoon. Top it off with some chilled drinks and relaxing music.

If you can book a trip to a nearby island or beach you can also check out any fun local events that you can join or places to visit to make your trip worthwhile.

Arrange a ‘pamper me’ session with friends

No couple would want to look stressed out on their special day. 

Gather your closes friends and take a whole day trip to the beauty salon and spa! Nothing beats luxurious beauty appointments and relaxing massages. These are the perfect way to make every newlywed feel ethereal and beautiful inside and out. When you feel your best internally and externally, you instantly exude that natural glow.

Get rid of all the negative feelings and tension in your body so that on the day of your wedding, all you feel is the giddiness and love from your beau and your loved ones.


Have all the preparations, get-togethers, lunch, and dinner dates drained your social energy? Perhaps you need to spend some quality time with yourself. Spending time to reflect and process everything happening around you is very crucial as you achieve another milestone in your life. It gives you ample time to adjust and prepare for the changes that are to come.

Meditating and breathing exercises are effective in calming your nerves and opening your mind. Try adding scented candles with calming scents like vanilla to help your mind and body slow down. You need as much clarity and inner peace so you don’t get overcome by the smallest inconveniences before, during, and after your wedding.

Treat your skin

Yes, your skin is also at the receiving end of sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, and stress. Aside from clogged pores, your skin also suffers from breakouts and excessive oiliness. Yikes! Whether you are a bride or a groom, flawless and well-pampered skin is a must!

Stick a daily and nightly routine for your skincare regimen. It’s an excellent way to start your day and feel refreshed after a long and tiring day. Skincare is also a form of self-love. Making an effort to cleanse and exfoliate your skin no matter how hectic your schedule reaps long-term rewards that your skin will appreciate greatly!

Binge-watch your favorite shows

Are you feeling more laidback? Well, another way to unwind before your wedding day is to sit back on the couch and binge-watch your favorite TV series. It can be horror, action, sci-fi, romance, reality TV, your favorite childhood cartoon, or an anime with dozens of seasons! The point is to help you feel better by relieving some of the most exciting moments while watching your favorite shows. 

Go through the most jaw-dropping scenes, or fawn over your most liked actors and characters. Better yet, express all of your frustrations through your most hated characters in the series. It’s cheap and effective therapy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself filled with so much adrenaline and happy vibes the moment you complete your binge-watching session.

Spend more steamy time in the bedroom!

Some might say that couples should spend some time apart before their day of union. The reason is that it helps increase your desire for each other—enough to make your matrimonial union more intense for the both of you. In truth, engaging in more mind-blowing and intimate moments together is effective in igniting your love and passion for each other. 

Why not take this as an opportunity to try new things in the bedroom and amp up the excitement? Yes, nearlyweds will have tons more sexy time after marriage. Similarly, there is no harm in expressing your love for each other even before you get past that stage. After all, intimacy is a sacred ingredient in making marriages last. 

Which of the suggestions above do you fancy the most? Be sure to go with the choice that you know you will enjoy best. When some details on your wedding prep become too much to handle, you can always seek help from a reliable team of wedding professionals to ensure everything is in order while you relax.