6 Useful tips to make your products stand out


Have you been spending your valuable time fine-tuning your product listings on the Amazon marketplace? Stop right there!

Why struggle to optimize your Amazon product listings when you can go through this comprehensive guide to save your time and integrate the efforts towards more critical aspects of your business? Here you’ll get all the ingredients of creating a perfectly optimized product listing without much of a hassle.

Creating a powerful product listing with keyword-enriched and engaging content is the need of the hour in this fiercely competitive digital world. With some of the effective tips and strategies mentioned here, you will be able to reach out to your potential audience quicker and sell more products thereafter. So, let us get started to help you ace your eCommerce game by streamlining your product listings and consequently increasing the sales effectiveness.

Well-optimized product listings are similar to investments — totally worth the effort. When you plan to create a listing for your products, this handy guide will help you sail through the process rather seamlessly. Without much ado, let’s get onto it.

Let us help you understand the anatomy of a product listing along with some useful tips to optimize them better.

6 key milestones of a product listing — A guaranteed path to success

Whether you are a newbie trying to figure out how to list your products or are an existing seller on Amazon with products already listed on the marketplace, here you will get to know a couple of things you can do to create or improve your product listings on Amazon.

With the competition on the Amazon marketplace getting more fierce by the day, it becomes imperative to do something about it before it gets too late for your online business. Finetuning the product listings will make you visible to your target audiences more easily and help your products stand out from the crowd. Right from using the right set of keywords, making the product content enticing to using high-quality images, it includes it all and more for improved rankings and a sales boost.

There are majorly 6 key pillars of a product listing that you must be aware of as an ardent Amazon seller. These 6 pillars are the milestones to achieve higher rankings and more sales. These include:

  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Key Product Features
  • Product Description
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Rating

If you follow the best practices for each of these stepping stones, you are bound to enhance and optimize your product listings and stay ahead of your competing counterparts. This will further allow your potential buying audience to choose your brand over your competitor’s for making a purchase.

Let us now discuss each one of the 6 pillars in detail.

  1. Product title

The title of a product should include every relevant detail of the product you intend to sell. But the challenge here is to fit the information in the character limit prescribed by Amazon (250). Additionally, take note of the following things before getting down to writing titles for your products.

  • In order to write amazing product titles to make your products sell more, you must know that you are doing it for humans and not the computer. Amazon’s algorithm is based on what real people search for and so, keep this in mind while creating a title for each of your products.
  • Make sure you list the features and benefits of products offered very clearly for the potential buyers to decide whether they should make a purchase or not. For instance, elaborate on the quality, material, size, and other prominent aspects that the potential buyer might be interested in knowing.
  • Incorporate the relevant keywords and don’t bother about the irrelevant, vague ones. Choose the keywords wisely to get higher ranks in optimal time. After all, it is a critical factor that affects the rankings and the visibility of the product on Amazon.
  1. Product images

Amazon allows you to upload up to 9 images including the primary or main product image. So, it is important that you follow best practices pertaining to the images prescribed by Amazon. Here are a few things you must take into consideration:

  • Pay heed to the quality of the product images you upload. Make sure they are of high resolution and also ensure that the potential audience is able to see the product clearly.
  • As per the guidelines laid down by Amazon, always use a white background for your product images to showcase a clean, clutter-free look.
  • Demonstrate your product from multiple angles so that the prospect is able to see the intricate details clearly. If possible, showcase the zoomed-in and zoomed-out views as well.
  1. Key product features

Try and incorporate important features and benefits of products on the product page that you think might interest the potential buyer. Also, add value wherever you can! Try to answer the queries that the prospects might have before making a buying decision.

  1. Product Description

Make the most of the character limit of 2000 and ensure that you incorporate every important detail. All the product features and benefits must be accurately included in the description along with bullet points to make the content more scannable and increase the readability score thereof. Engage the potential audience with clearly-stated benefits and features keeping in mind the following things:

  • Engage the visitors and connect with them with easy-to-understand, persuading product information
  • Explain why the visitor should buy the product and how it can meet their need
  • Use bullet points to make the content more scannable and increase the overall readability score
  • Don’t forget to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases to enhance product rankings
  1. Product reviews

Reviews play a vital role in influencing the buying behavior of prospective customers. Positive reviews can provide social proof and build more trust and confidence in your products as well as the brand.

As per a local consumer review survey conducted in 2019, it was observed that over 82% of consumers chose to read online reviews before picking any product they intend to buy online.

You must aim to provide an exemplary customer experience to encourage your potential customers to write a positive review for the products purchased from your brand. What you can do is run email marketing campaigns to keep your customers up-to-date about your products and compel them to buy through captivating product launches. Ask them to give their feedback on the purchase and try to make it worth their while! Follow-up emails can also be a game-changer for your brand.

Apart from this, you can also put in efforts to ensure that you review the product samples well and provide high-quality products every single time! However, it might not be an easy affair, but once you start making the buying journey easy and pleasurable for the target audience, you’ll gradually get there.

  1. Product rating

Whatever reviews you receive from your customers greatly impact the overall product ratings. For instance, negative reviews can pull down the ratings and it can make your prospects think that the product isn’t good, thereby influencing their buying decision. A higher rating of 4 or 5 stars speaks a lot about the product and definitely implies that the particular product is doing great! However, if you are unable to deal with a low product rating, here’s what you can do:

  • Identify any common issues, defects, or problems faced by the customers and rectify them at the earliest.
  • If possible, run relevant email marketing campaigns to know what the buyers are actually looking for and get requisite feedback if need be.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key. When you deliver the best, ratings will definitely go up. So, focus on product quality and on-time delivery for a positive review and a high product rating.

Apart from the above, keywords are also an integral part of a product listing. You must be aware of whether the keywords you are using are relevant to your industry, what are the search volumes, and where do you rank exactly for every keyword. If you think that a particular keyword isn’t relevant or not ranking well, then it is time for you to reconsider the keywords and make requisite changes in the keywords used for a particular listing. You must also check for punctuation errors and typos, if any. Also, don’t make any changes in the already performing keywords as it might hamper the overall rankings of your products. However, it is always a good idea to explore different keywords and experiment with them every now and then. This is a good practice that you can adopt while approaching keywords and boost your product rankings and sales.

The best practices associated with a product listing must be religiously followed to attain a positive impact on your product sales and rankings.

Cost structure

If you are planning to outsource Amazon product listing optimization services to an offshore service provider, then you must be aware of the cost structure. You must know that a majority of outsourcing companies offer flexible pricing plans to cater to the distinct requirements of Amazon sellers. Infact, the costing primarily depends upon the number of products to be listed. Also, if you only want to optimize any one of the pillars, be it the images, titles, or descriptions, the prices would be relatively more affordable and minimal as compared to getting all the 6 pillars optimized.

Wrapping up

Amazon sellers must follow the best practices for each of the 6 pillars to get the desired outcomes from their product listings. Optimize your Amazon product listings to prevent your prospective customers from moving to your competing counterparts. Amazon product listing creation and optimization are pivotal to the growth of your Amazon store. It not only helps you boost the reach of your products and brand as a whole, but it also increases conversions and boosts profit margins. With so much to do as your business grows, you can choose to outsource Amazon product data entry and upload services to get the most out of your products and stay afloat amid the pandemic.

If you want to take the leap and progress remarkably, you must definitely follow the above-mentioned tips and best practices to overcome the challenges and make your brand shine brighter than ever!