6 Tips For Saving Battery Life On Your iPhone


The iPhone is being a premium model of cell phones that are be ruling the mobile market for some time. The iPhone’s fans always use the iPhone brands’ products such as iPods, MacBooks, and Apple watches, etc. The iPhone is the most favorable smartphone because only of the cameras, specifications and the securities, etc. that’s the region the iPhone user always suggests the iPhone product.

But after some time, we continuously streaming the videos, browsing the internet, chat with someone, replacing the emails, and many more tasks we are easily performed on our iPhone but as well as these tasks are very iPhone battery consumption tasks. so, in this article, we discussed all the following 6 Tips for Saving Battery Life on Your iPhone 7 battery.

Manage Your Screen Brightness

The brightness is the biggest factor to drains our iPhone’s battery. because when we in the outside of the house so we need to brightness always be full, but when we are at the home so we focused to be the brightness of the phones are below.

Don’t Automatically Update iPhone’s Apps

In the iPhone 7’s and other newer phones that the functions of the automatic updates are disabled because they consume very much battery of the phone at directly attacked to the battery so the right thing is that you always update their apps manually when your phone’s battery fully charged.

Disable The Wi-Fi When You Don’t Need It 

Wi-Fi has also been a noticed point to save the battery life of your iPhone 7. keep your wi-fi off when you cannot need much. the wi-fi signal is much stronger than the cellular signal of the iPhone so we noticed that when we cannot be in need the wi-fi so disable the wi-fi button.

Find The Battery Drainer’s

In the iPhone 7, the usage of the battery is also be shown in the application, that application clearly shows which of the app are much drains your phone’s battery, etc. simply go to SETTING > BATTERY and check.

Disable The location Setting

the phone’s performs multi-task at the same times that’s why the phone’s called multitasking cell phones. at that time, we know that the iPhone performs many tasks in the background. so there is the biggest mistake that we ignore the GPS button ON so they drain our phone’s battery very quickly

to turn off the background task go to SETTING > PRIVACY > LOCATION SERVICES.

Don’t Use Moving Wallpaper’s

live and the dynamic wallpapers are launched with the iOS 8 but the wise user they can not use the dynamic wallpapers. because they know all the dynamic things take the battery to consume very fast and they also be the effect on the software so we always use static wallpaper.

Turn Off The Fitness Tracking Option

The iPhone 5S and later versions now have a motion co-processor, which allows them to monitor steps and other fitness activities. It’s a fantastic feature for those who want to maintain their fitness. However, continuous monitoring needs a large amount of battery life.

Turn Off The Equalizer Option

The Equalizer feature in the iPhone Music app allows you to change the music’s bass, treble, and other audio enhancements. These modifications require more battery power since they are made on the move. To save battery, turn off the equalizer. Disabling the equalizer, on the other hand, results in a significantly different listening experience.

Don’t Automatically Upload Images To iCloud

The battery drains every time you upload data. Make sure you’re uploading on purpose rather than allowing it to happen in the background. This is the first place to look since the Photos app will automatically upload images to your iCloud account. Switch off automatic uploads and upload only from your device or when your battery is fully charged.


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