6 Things That Happen During Air Duct Cleaning


Air duct cleaning is an important thing and if you do that at timely intervals, you will see that the air ducts will remain in good condition. If not, there would be too much dust and dirt inside. Soon, it would become a ground for germs, bacteria and even rodents may come up. So, clean the air ducts either with Duct Cleaning Experts or DIYs and see what will happen. You will see that there will be better air quality and you will also have an allergy-free home.

The air duct cleaners will come and check the ducts and how they are placed

The first thing that happens during an air duct cleaning is that the cleaners will come and check the exact position of the duct so that they know how to cut the plenum and get access to the ducts properly.

Putting the brushes inside the ducts and cleaning

The cleaners would then put the brush inside and try to remove as much dirt as possible. Along with this, there would be vacuum cleaning to be done inside. This will suck all the dust.

Proper cleaning inside the ducts with vacuum and other equipment

The ducts are cleaned pretty well and the cleaners will bring in the proper equipment and that will help in making the ducts clean.

There would be some noise too

When the ducts are being cleaned, you will have to understand that there would be too much noise. So, you should try to vacate the area and shift to the other room.

There would be dust too

When Air duct cleaning is going on in your home, you can expect some dust too. Thus, if you are allergic to dust or you have kids at home try to make them sit in another room or tell them to shift for a day.

There may be some odor that you will smell during the duct cleaning

Since the ducts were dirty, it may happen that there would be a bad odor coming from them. While cleaning is being done, there would be some odor that has come out and so you will feel the same in your home.

Once the duct cleaning is done, you should wait for a few hours and everything will settle down. Soon, you will experience cleaner air and a better feel. You must get the ducts cleaned at least once a year. All you need to do is find out the best options.


Find the best options and see how you can get access to a reliable duct cleaning company. These are some of the things that you need to relate to. Ducts are truly dirty and if you don’t consider it as a matter of urgency then the situation will worsen. It is therefore vital that you find out the best options. A cleaning company that is involved in ducts and other stuff can make your life better for sure. Check out with the expert things as in the condition of the ducts and get them perfect by all means.