6 Reasons Why Living in a Condo is the Best


Thousands of Singaporeans live in condominium apartments across the country, and there is every reason to believe that this number will increase over time. More condo is being built with different amenities and features. One freehold development to look forward to is Amber Sea condominium that is recently launch this month. What is the reason for this craze? There are many advantages to living in co-ownership and this may explain this phenomenon. Here are six of the best reasons to live in a condo.

The economic feature

One of the primary benefits of living in a condominium is that you are a homeowner. Instead of paying rent to the owner of your building every month, you have the option of investing your money in paying a mortgage.

Even if paying a mortgage completely takes time, buying a condo offers the opportunity for many first-time buyers to acquire assets and increase their own assets.

Urban life

Within residential complexes, the residents can enjoy magnificent views of the urban environment and no longer need to brave traffic jams or wait for the bus for long minutes, you are already at the heart of the action!

This dream can now come true, especially if you take a look at innovative projects in Singapore. These real estate projects are distinguished by the creation of real residential communities in dynamic urban environments. With MRT near Amber Sea which are suitable for both families and young professionals.

A good appreciation of your property

Let’s not forget that Singapore is experiencing a real boom in residential condos and that the city is literally covered with cranes and large buildings under construction. Demand for condos has increased over the past decade, so prices are rising steadily from year to year.

This is especially true in Singapore, where the demand for properties generally exceeds the number of properties available. Acquiring a condo is a significant investment, and you will definitely make a profit when you decide to resell your unit.

Luxurious amenities

Most modern condo buildings have high-end amenities – swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre and well-appointed common areas. The Canninghill Piers project in Canninghill offers an example of magnificent common space.

It is a vast shared workspace designed for today’s entrepreneur and for the self-employed. The building also has a space where you can organize meetings and receptions. There is a full kitchen, a coffee maker and even a giant screen to entertain everyone!


You don’t have to spend time cleaning your apartment or even caring for the lawn when you own one! The developer does all maintenance duties, including the most basic. From the monthly condo fees you pay to the condominium syndicate. In addition, the co-ownership groups must establish a contingency reserve for future big construction projects. This fund is funded by a percentage of your condo fees.

Living in community

The last great advantage of condo living is the fact that you will live in a real community and develop a sense of belonging with your neighbours. In a condominium, residents know each other, fraternize at condominium syndicate meetings and practice good neighbourliness. Condo living offers multiple opportunities to socialize and expand your network, especially if you settle in a city you are learning to tame.

If you are thinking about buying a condo in Singapore, we invite you to take a look at Amber Sea residential project. Discover all the possibilities offered by these splendid living environments by visiting our official website.

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