6 Reasons To Donate a Tree To Your Loved Ones in Ahmedabad

04 Beautiful Trees, at the Lake Gardens, Taiping, Perak

We can gift or donate a tree to someone we love as an eco-friendly alternative or as a complement to other gifts. These gifts are waste-free & will benefit nature for a lifetime. We are Catch Foundation, an environmental NGO, and we are sharing 6 reasons to donate a tree during holidays below:

1) Serves as a unique gift

Most of us know what we will be receiving during any special occasion, whether it’s a gadget, socks, or new gear. Planting a tree is unique, which will make you recall fond memories of enjoying the outdoors. Plant a tree for whomever you love & see them appreciating your thoughtful gesture

2) Benefits the environment

Trees benefit the environment in various ways. One of the crucial reasons to gift a tree is that they help reduce carbon footprints as you won’t have to get it shipped.

3) will last a lifetime

Trees are the gift that will keep on giving for the years to come! Your loved ones can look back at the tree every year & smile by thinking about how their tree is growing & helping everybody around.

4) Provides shelter to animals

Trees are not only for humans, but they also serve as the perfect gift for furry, winged & scary animals. One can find the majority of the world’s plants & animals species in forests. A single tree alone can be home to billions of living things like birds, mammals & insects.

5) Purifying air

Tree purifies the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide, harmful pollutants from the air & releasing oxygen. According to the World Health Organization, every nine people out of ten breath in air containing high levels of harmful pollutants, which can be stopped by planting trees.

6) Beneficial for future generations

Today’s young generation is constantly worried about how their future will get affected by climate change. You will be taking positive actions by planting a tree that will benefit future generations to come. Planting one tree at a time can help us fight this climate change.