6 Must have RV Accessories and Parts For an RV Owner


All RV newbies might wonder what are those RV parts they always need to have with them when you face a malfunction at the most inappropriate times. Some of these parts are required to make your journey smooth and improve your RV experience. Regardless of what type of RV you own, there are some RV parts and accessories you must have with you to be prepared and tackle challenges during your journey. These RV gadgets can be easily bought from local RV parts Sacramento stores and service companies. Most of these parts are inexpensive and are a great addition to improve the efficiency of RV vehicles.

Let’s explore the 6 must-have RV parts and accessories one by one :

RV Water Filter

While driving an RV, you will come across various water sources to meet your drinking water needs. For ensuring the water you are drinking is clean and safe, you need to have an RV water filter to get the water that is free from sediment and other impurities. This accessory is a must-have for your health.

Vent covers

Vent covers are an essential RV part that every RV owner should have in their must-have RV part list. To keep your RV fresh and maintain good ventilation, buying a vent cover will

keep your RV protected from the rain while you’re driving the RV vehicle, and help with good ventilation.

Water Pressure Regulator

Want to prevent flooding in your RV? If yes, you must buy a water pressure regulator. When the water pressure is so high, it can burst the pipes in your RV and can cause flooding.

This type of damage is very expensive to deal with. The water will damage the RV from inside. This will lead to the requirement of Sacramento trailer repair and RV repair that will be expensive to incur.

Sewer hose support

Sewer hose support is an important RV accessory to have on your must-have list. RV sewer hoses are linked to an RV’s holding tank dump connection outlet. This works to keep the gray and black water from the tanks empty. Sewer hose support is essential for protecting sewer hose from any damage.

Coffee Maker

Coffee is a daily need of Americans. They start their day with coffee and that’s why this is a must-have Rv accessory you need to buy. Getting your coffee at odd places can be tough. So, it’s better to carry your espresso machine or have it fixed in your RV. This is an essential piece you wouldn’t regret buying for your RV.

Surge protector

Another You need to have a surge protector with you because it helps blocks power surges if there are any. This will protect the electronic equipment in your RV from power surges from the electric source. Power surges can damage your electric appliances. That’s why it is another must-have on your list.

To bottom it up

The above RV parts and accessories are not only a must-have on your list but also can prevent Sacramento RV repair needs and save money.